Frozen 2: after the storm

Arendele isn't frozen anymore, Anna has found love, but what about Elsa? Find out what I think should happen after frozen ends


5. Shining For The First Time in Forever

Anna's POV

"Oh Kristoff bear, I'm so happy to be with you. What is the gala for?"

"It's um. The um-"

"National Ice Foundation?"

"Yeah. That." He said sadly.

"Aren't you excited?" He opened the castle door.

"SURPRISE! CONGRATULATIONS ANNA AND KRISTOFF!" Practically everyone in Arendelle shouted. Who had put this together? My mouth dropped open, and before I could speak, Kristoff scooped me up, and kissed me in front of everyone. "WHOOO!" They screamed happily and clapped. For the rest of the 'gala,' people kept coming up and congratulating me and Kristoff. We didn't spend the whole party together but we still had fun, or at least I did. Elsa came up to me after the party,

"Anna! I feel bad not getting to talk to you sooner-"

"-that's totally fine! I understand how busy it was. Who planned this all?"

"It was me. Did you like it? After Kristoff asked for my blessing, I planned this whole thing." I was surprised. Nobody ever paid this much attention to me.

"Um. Thanks? I know I probably just sounded unsure, but I really did have fun. Who made the cake? It was so good!" I kept asking her questions and we talked for at least an hour, or it felt like it at least. It was only us two and Kristoff left. Sven and Olaf had left to take care of the snowballs, so we didn't know what to do. I wasn't going to be able to sleep easily knowing that I had a big ring on my finger and the love of my life was forever going to be with me.

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