Frozen 2: after the storm

Arendele isn't frozen anymore, Anna has found love, but what about Elsa? Find out what I think should happen after frozen ends


2. Meant To Be

Kristoff's POV

Finally, the day was here, 2 weeks of Anna's crazy spiels since I got back, and I was ready. I had put on my best tuxedo (rather my only tuxedo), dress pants and tie. "What a snazzy guy," I thought as I looked in the mirror. My pockets were filled and Anna was probably waiting for me. I thought that I would be late. Out the door of my new room in the castle basement to go meet her. The stairs seemed to end quite quickly because me and my heart were both racing. There she was. Glimmering and sparkling in a beautiful red dress.

"Hey Anna." I said as I went to her side.

"Hey Kristoff bear. Are you ready to go to the gala?"

"Oh. Sure, I'm always ready," I laughed nervously as Anna grabbed my hand and pulled me forward. We walked towards the ballroom where the gala would be taking place, "Um. Anna? Can we go for a walk please? And by the way, you look-"

"Amazing? Oh thanks Kristoff. You're amazing in anything too," Anna replied rapidly like any perfect sentence finisher would. I knew that I was ready for the right moment. "Where to?"

"Oh I was thinking of maybe going to see the trolls. If that's okay? Sven is ready to take us."

"As long as I'm with you, I'll be happy." Anna took my hand and I pulled her into the sled, and followed.

"Beautiful day. Hey Anna?"

"Yeah. I love riding in this sled anytime," Anna whispered. At that moment, I knew that we were meant to be together. "I love you Kristoff," Anna said with a kiss.

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