Frozen 2: after the storm

Arendele isn't frozen anymore, Anna has found love, but what about Elsa? Find out what I think should happen after frozen ends


4. Celebrate

Elsa's POV

I was scrambling. Time was running out before Kristoff and Anna arrived. My thoughts were racing, "what if she said no? What if they got attacked by wolves?" I must've thought of every possibility. "Who has the cake? AHH! They're going to be here soon!"

"Calm down Queen Elsa!" One of the chefs said to me.

"Thanks. I needed that."

"No problem. The cake is all ready to be brought out and cut up."

I had to keep getting ready, when our signal came to hide. Olaf came in with all of his snow friends, and we all hid. I looked around from my hiding spot to see them swinging on the banner. "Mike, Fluffy, Stuffy, and Jeffry, what on earth are you doing?" I ran over and pulled them to where I was hiding to keep them in close watch.

The doors opened.

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