Frozen 2: after the storm

Arendele isn't frozen anymore, Anna has found love, but what about Elsa? Find out what I think should happen after frozen ends


1. Back to normal

Anna's POV

"Elsa?" I asked on a cool, summer Monday. Everything was finally back to normal in Arendele and was more quiet than before, and I was bored.

"Anna please, go away. I have summer jobs to work on and don't have time for this every day. Why don't you go play with that boy Kristoff? He's finally back and you don't want Sven the reindeer to be all sad," Elsa told me coldly.

"Seriously Elsa, take some time off of being queen and have fun! Anyways, I will leave you alone and go play with Kristoff. And by the way, we don't "play," we hang out. AND, he's not a boy, he's A MAN!" Kristoff had been out on business selling ice for a month, so I wasn't really upset that Elsa told me to see him. I missed him and he was my boyfriend and that would be the right thing to do.

"KRISTOFF!!! Boy, am I glad to see you, I mean like how was the trip-"

"Whoa whoa whoa. I missed you and slow down. You know that I get annoyed when you talk quickly," Kristoff whispered as I ran and gave him a hug.

"Sorry. I. Kind. Of. Forgot. You're gorgeous. Wait. What?" I muttered.

"Let's talk in the castle. It's too hot for my ice," Kristoff said as we began to walk inside hand in hand, like two young kids.

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