Trust&Forgive or Betray&Forbid

When the 5 factions and a new city called Forks, is introduced to the hunger games, Tris and her boyfriend Tobias, have been reaped from the factions, Katniss and Peeta have been reaped from the districts and Bella and Edward have been reaped from Forks. But will they decide to trust each other in order to get home, or will they turn against each other and become worst enemies?

Find out what happens to the 3 couples in this thrilling story, in many points of view! And don't forget to like, favourite and fan!! I promise you'll love this thrilling tale!❤️


4. TheFactions: Tobias POV

I hold Tris tightly in my arms. I can't believe we've been reaped together. Out of the thousand girls who had their name in that bowl, it had to be Tris she pulled out. Tris is strong but there will be 50 people trying to kill her. Well 48 since Tris won't be trying to kill herself and I won't he trying to kill her, but we have a 1 in 50 chance of getting out... I should believe in her... And myself... But I can't. Suddenly the Capitol lady comes through with our mentor. "Hi, my name is Aiden and I will be training you all for the games" he says. I snort and he raises his eyebrows. "You think you can do this by yourself with that little weak thing?" He scoffs pointing at Tris. I stand up and walk over him. I tower over him an I'm much more muscly. "That little 'thing' is my girlfriend, and for your information, we have both been in 2 different wars and survived them both... So yes, I believe we can do this without your help" I snarl. He laughs. "Looks like we have some fighters this year"

"I'm not fighting to get out, I'm fighting to protect the one I love, and if you want to laugh, go ahead, but we don't need your help.. It's a wonder you even won this thing" I snap. He looks angry now. He suddenly lifts his fist to my face and it hits my eye. I'm sure it'll turn black now. He goes to lift his fist again but I grab it and punch him square in the nose and he falls onto the ground. I stand over him. "Insult me or my girlfriend again, I'll give you much worse, I don't give a crap what the consequences are" I snarl. He stands up and walks to the seat and sits down. "Get him an ice pack for his eye" he says pointing at me. I shake my head. "Don't bother, I don't want an ice pack, especially not from here... This place is just something to lure us into our damn death" I snap at him. I walk back over to Tris who is staring out the window at the Capitol which is now in view. I stare at the tall buildings. Horrible. I stare at the colourful people. Disgusting. The train slows to a stop and we climb off and make our way to our stylists. I walk into a small room and lie on the table. Someone walks in but I just shut my eyes and surprisingly fall asleep.

When I wake up every inch of hair had been removed from my body... I don't like it. I am led into another small room and I sulk in a chair until my stylist walks in. "Hello, I'm your stylist, what's your name?" He asks me. I glare at him. "You won't need to know that since I'll only be here for a week" I mutter. He sighs a little.

"What's your name?" He asks again.

"Tobias!" I snap at him. He raises his eyebrows and pulls out a grey all-in-one suit and tells me to put it on. I stare at it in disgust. "You want me to wear that?" I ask. He nods and pushes it in my arms. I scoff at it but pull it on. It's the most horrible things I've ever seen. He hand me a grey hat. "Alright, it's enough I'm wearing this suit but I am not putting that hat on" I snarl. He laughs a little. "Put it on" he snaps. I shake my head. He sighs heavily but just leads me out to a cart thing that will be led by horses. I step into the same one as Tris. A boy walks past with gloldish hair and he has his had linked with a girl with dark brown hair. The boy and girl stop beside our cart. "Hello, I'm Peeta, and this is Katniss" says the boy. I raise my eyebrows. "I'm Tobias... This is Tris" I say and they smile. "We're from district 12... We've had the games for 86 years, this is the 87th hunger games" says the girl who's called Katniss. "We're from the factions... Abnegation" says Tris. She jumps off the cart and I follow. "What are we meant to do here?" I ask. Katniss looks strange in a black suit. "It's the tribute parade, it's where we show ourselves off to everyone in the Capitol and they basically choose who to sponsor or take a bet on for who will win" says Peeta. I nod along and then a man with longish blonde hair walks over. "Come on guys, get back over here" he says. He sounds drunk. "Haymitch, nice to meet you" says the guy. I shake his outstretched hand and so does Tris. They walk away and I jump back into the cart. As everyone is pulled out, I glare ahead and take Tris's hand in mine. I can see Peeta and Katniss hold up their hands and another couple are doing it too. I put my hand up and copy them, Tris keeps my hand so her hand is up with mine. I glare at the people in the Capitol as they cheer and throw roses. Some fall into our cart but I don't bother picking them up and neither does Tris. We glare at the Capitol and ignore the speech from president snow, and then we are taken back into our prison for the next week.

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