Trust&Forgive or Betray&Forbid

When the 5 factions and a new city called Forks, is introduced to the hunger games, Tris and her boyfriend Tobias, have been reaped from the factions, Katniss and Peeta have been reaped from the districts and Bella and Edward have been reaped from Forks. But will they decide to trust each other in order to get home, or will they turn against each other and become worst enemies?

Find out what happens to the 3 couples in this thrilling story, in many points of view! And don't forget to like, favourite and fan!! I promise you'll love this thrilling tale!❤️


2. Forks: Bella POV

I wake with knots in my stomach. Why? Because the hunger games have been introduced to Forks. I stumble out my bed and make my way to my closet. I pull out a pale red dress and some black flats. I brush my brown tangled hair and push it up into a bobble. I check the time and it's already time to go. I hear Edwards car outside and I open the door and hug him tightly. "Hey, you'll be alright" he whispers. I nod my head and I take his hand. We walk to the reaping together and then when we've had out blood taken we go into our separate sections. Me into the 17 year old girls section and Edward into the 17 year old boys section. I watch as a posh Capitol lady with like 8 inch heels and rainbow coloured clothes walks onto the stage. I tune out as she says a speech about the hunger games and I come back to reality as she starts saying the 7 girls names. 7 females and 7 males will go and fight to the death. I don't know any of the first 6 girls who reaped and I wait nervously for the 7th girl. "And our 7th female tribute... Isabella Swan" says the high pitched voice. Oh no... That's me. I walk up nervously to the stage and stand beside the other girls I don't know. I can feel tears fall down my face. I don't listen to the first 6 boys, only the last. I don't expect to know any of the boys until the unthinkable happens. The lady starts to call out a name when Edward speaks up. "I VOLUNTEER!" He shouts. I stare wide eyed as he walks onto the stage and stands next to me. He takes my hand in his and I already feel like I'm dying. The pain in my chest is excruciating and the tears keep falling.

We are led into a tall building where people come to say goodbye. Many people come, because I am know as the sheriffs daughter. Edwards family come in, Alice comes in first. I have a special friendship with Alice. She hugs me tightly. "You can do this Bella. I know you can... You just need to find your strength" she says and tears fall down her face. "I'll miss you Alice" I whisper while hugging her again. She smiles and walks out. Next in is Jasper, then Emmett come in, and Esme and Carlisle come in together. They all give me reassuring comments but I don't believe any of them. Finally, Rosalie comes in. I didn't expect her to come alone. She walks straight to me and hugs me tightly. "We may not have gotten along since we met... But you make my brother happy, so you need to stay strong, for him, and for us. I'm going to take this opportunity to say sorry for everything I done, and I believe in you Bella" she whispers. I can feel her crying, and so am I. "Rosalie, it's fine, I know it must have been hard to accept me to your family, and I forgive you fully, but if I don't get out alive, just know that I'll miss you" I say with a shaky voice. She squeezes my hand and leaves with no other words.

Charlie is my last visitor. Charlie is my father. I run into his arms. "Dad, I'll miss you" I sob. He shakes his head. "You won't need to miss me, cause you'll get out Bells, I know you will" he chokes out. I hug him tightly. "Alright, go before I explode into a waterfall" I say and laugh a little. He hugs me once more and leaves with no other words. I sit on a chair until Edward comes in to get me. We are taken to a posh Capitol train. I walk on with Edward and ignore the other 12 people. I just want to be with Edward now.

((Did you all like Bella's point of view? Don't worry the story will get better, I'm just getting started ;). Tell your friends about my story! I would love you all to read it. As you can tell, Renesmee is not in this because they haven't had her! It's just normal humans, Bella and Edward aren't married yet either, but who knows, they might be later on... If they survive ;) Keep reading and don't forget to like, favourite and fan!))

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