Trust&Forgive or Betray&Forbid

When the 5 factions and a new city called Forks, is introduced to the hunger games, Tris and her boyfriend Tobias, have been reaped from the factions, Katniss and Peeta have been reaped from the districts and Bella and Edward have been reaped from Forks. But will they decide to trust each other in order to get home, or will they turn against each other and become worst enemies?

Find out what happens to the 3 couples in this thrilling story, in many points of view! And don't forget to like, favourite and fan!! I promise you'll love this thrilling tale!❤️


3. District 12: Katniss POV

I stretch out my hand to feel for the warmest of my little sister, but all I can feel is the cold mattress... Of course, she went into bed with my mother, probably her nightmares again. I heave myself up. I'm Katniss Everdeen and I'm 17 years old, my boyfriend is Peeta Mellark and I'm dreading the reaping. I sigh a little and walk over to my mothers bed. I kiss my sister, Primrose gently, and pull on my hunting jacket.

I run past the little houses and the fence around district 12. I crawl under the gap in the fence and run to Gale and I meeting place. I see him sitting there and I sit beside him. There's a small silence. "There will be 50 tributes this year... They've introduced the games to 5 factions in Chicago and a small town called Forks" I say quietly. "Just more chance of people dying" he snaps. I sigh a little. He hates the games and everything about the Capitol. I sit in silence again for a while. "We don't have time to hunt today" I murmur. "Yea I figured" he says. I stand up and take his hand (in a friendly way) and we walk back to the district village. I walk to my little house and help Prim get dressed.

Once we're all ready I take Prims hand. "Come on little duck" I whisper. She smiles a little but I can see the scared ness in her eyes. We walk to the square and get our blood taken as usual and I go to my age section. I tune out as Effie Trinket makes her usual boring speech. Blah blah blah. "Our female tribute for district 12" she starts to say in her annoying Capitol voice. She takes a white sheet of paper from the glass bowls and walks back to the mike. Clip clop clip clop. Her stupid heels are so annoying they make me want to slap her with them. "Katniss Everdeen" says the voice. I freeze. That's me.. Is that me? Oh my gosh... It's me. I stumble up and try not to cry. I stand beside Effie and glare at the sky. I don't listen to the boys name but when I see him standing next to me my heart almost stops. I shake his hand and feel a single tear fall down my face. "Our male and female tributes for district 12! Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark" trills Effie. I walk into the justice building and wait for my mother and Prim to come in.

I walk to my mother first. "You need to stay strong! Not just for yourself but for her" I say firmly. She nods and hugs me tightly. I go to speak to Prim next. "Promise me you'll try?" She sobs. I nod and hold her tightly in my arms. "I promise I'll try..: I'll come home little duck" I whisper. She screams and kicks when they take her away but she's to weak to get away from them. "I love you!" I shout as they get taken away. Gale comes in next and I don't hesitate to walk into his arms. "You can do this... Your strong enough" he says firmly.

"Gale there's 50 tributes this year" I whisper. He holds me firmly but gently. "I believe in you" he says. I nod and before I know it he's taken away. "I'll miss you" I whisper as he leaves. Gale is my bed friend. And I'll miss him so much. I can feel my legs shake as I'm taken to the train with Peeta. I link my hand into his. A perfect fit. And I walk onto the train after taking one more look at my district. "You alright?" Asks Peeta. I shake my head. "I'm gonna miss this place" I sigh. He squeezes my hand a little. "We'll come back.. I promise" he whispers. I look at him and kiss him gently. "How did this happen to us?" I ask more to myself than Peeta. He sighs but doesn't answer because he's probably thinking the exact same thing.

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