Taking A Walk In Neverland

They both had reasons to leave. They wanted to forget all that troubled them. But no one expected that plane to have to stop on that island. He wanted to get away from the fast life of the fame. He was tired of the rumors that were spreading like wild fire about him. She was tired of getting mentally, physically, and emotionally abused by her father. She bought that ticket hoping for a new beginning. Who knew that on that island they'd find just what they needed. Each other.


1. Flight.

Wesley's POV:

 "Are you sure about this Wes?" My younger brother Keaton asked me with sadness in his eyes as a frown formed on his lips. 

"I can't take all those rumors and how the fans keep wrecking my love life. I just need a few weeks to clear my head and renew myself. I promise I will come back." I reassured him.

"Well I hope you find yourself a sweet girl there." Drew smiled. 

"We want him to come back Drew." Keaton mocked. 

"Oh yeah right." Drew laughed. 

"You guys will be fine without me. Just don't kill each other." I joked. 

"I think your plane is boarding." Drew said pointing towards my gate. I gave them one last hug before walking towards the gate. After I gave the lady my ticket I walked the narrow hall to the plane and saw this girl trying to pick up things that looked like had fallen out of her arms. Everyone kept passing her without a thought. So I bent down beside her and helped her. As we stood up she smiled at me. 

"Thank you." She said before hurrying to the plane. 

When I boarded I didn't see her. Then again I was in first class, the advantages of being a pop star. I took my seat as the pilot came on telling everyone that we were about to take off. I pushed the seat back and closed my eyes. Hoping the ride goes smoothly. 


Cassandra's POV:

 This morning didn't start off great at all. I woke up late, just to find that my father decided to hide my bags. So it took me awhile to find them, then I had to hurry to the airport. I ran through the airport with my drawings in my arms. When I got to the narrow hall that lead to the plane some little kids ran into me knocking all my drawings over the floor. Person after person passed me without even batting an eye. 

Then everything started looking up, when this young man bent down and helped me. He had beautiful brown eyes and a smile that would melt your heart. After thanking him I hurried to the plane. When I was settled in my seat I looked around to see if I could find him. My hopes disappeared when the pilot said we were about to take off. I sighed and decided to draw, somehow his face was still implanted in my head because I ended up drawing those gorgeous eyes and stunning smile. 

"Who's that deary?" I turned my head to see and older lady. "Is that your boyfriend?"

"Oh no.." I blushed. "I just ran into him in that narrow hall..."

"Wow you have quite a memory then!" She smiled. 

"Thank you." 

"Is that an flower?" She asked pointing to my next drawing.

"Yeah." I smiled. 

"May I have that deary?"

"Of course!" I handed it to her.

"Can you sign it for me?"

"Sure." I felt kind of silly signing my drawings but this lady seemed really sweet. As the plane took off I put my headphones in and closed my eyes. I was excited to get away from my father. I was excited to explore new surroundings. 

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