Taking A Walk In Neverland

They both had reasons to leave. They wanted to forget all that troubled them. But no one expected that plane to have to stop on that island. He wanted to get away from the fast life of the fame. He was tired of the rumors that were spreading like wild fire about him. She was tired of getting mentally, physically, and emotionally abused by her father. She bought that ticket hoping for a new beginning. Who knew that on that island they'd find just what they needed. Each other.


2. Delay.

Cassandra's POV:

My mind was drifting to that guy I ran into before getting on the plane. He was so nice compared to everyone who passed me seeing that I needed help. Then I heard a shuttering sound. My eyes flickered open to see the plane's lights blinking. I looked out the window and notice we were very low. Then I looked over to the woman next to me and she looked very nervous. 

"What's going on?" I asked. 

"Something's wrong with the plane, we're taking an unexpected stop..." She mumbled. 

"Oh no..." 

 I peered out of the window to see that we were nearing an island. The plane was acting stranger as we got closer to land. This is why planes weren't my favorite way of travel. I rather break down in a car that way I'm on land. As we came to the airport the pilot came on the speaker apologizing. Everyone hurried off the plane pushing their way through trying to get a new flight out. When I reached inside I noticed the guy I ran into before. My heart started pounding. I tried to make my way through the crowd over to him but by the time I got through he was gone. I let out a sad sigh before walking over to get my bag. 


Wesley's POV:

I knew that if I told Drew and Keaton about the plane messing up they'd start freaking out. I know they'd demand that I get the first plane back home. I wasn't ready to go home and the thought of being here was actually exciting. I mean I wasn't planing on coming here but it's the unplanned adventures that are the best to tell. The crowd was packed trying to get new tickets anyway. So I went to get my bag so I could check into a hotel here. When I reached down to grab my bag my hand connected with another. I turned my head to see that girl from before. She covered her mouth with her hand in disbelief. 

"It's you..." She mumbled. 

"Yeah I was just about to say the same thing." I chuckled. 

"Are you planning on getting another ticket?" 

"No I think I'm just gonna stay here." 

"That seems like a good idea." She smiled and my heart started to race. What was this feeling? I smiled at her as I grabbed my bag and she grabbed hers.

"So what hotel are you going to?" I asked. 

"I have no idea." She giggled. 

"Well lets find one together then." I smiled as she slightly blushed. We caught a cab and asked the driver for the best hotel in town. He took us to a beach side hotel that looked very nice. I paid him before he drove away. She looked at the hotel with disbelief. 

"What's your name anyway?" She asked. 

"Wesley. You?" I smiled. 

"Cassandra." She smiled. 

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