Mr. Right

17 year old Nicole Michels decides to start fresh her senior year. New attitude new her! What happens when she gets a new history teacher and there "relationship" involves more then tutoring sessions?


4. Chapter 4

The week has gone by so slow and it's finally Friday. I have been waiting all week for the game and lets not forget the fact that Mr. Sorice said he would come! As I walk into history I get butterflies in my stomach when I see him laughing with another student. It's just that laugh that gets to me. I know it's weird feeling this way for a teacher but I can't help it. He's only 22 and I'm 17 so I mean that's only like 5 years. A lot can happen. I take a seat in front of Taylor and she immediately gets my attention.

I turn around to see Taylor has a huge smile on her face.

"Why are you so happy?"I ask laughing at her enthusiasm.

"Your game is today silly!" She says practically jumping in her seat.

"And?" Taylor has never once showed interest in my soccer or even bothered to come to a game.

"And Mr. Sorice said he was coming! You know what that means?"

I shake my head at her while laughing inside.

"It means he's interested in you and you guys are going to fall in love and then get married and have beautiful children together."

I turn around in my seat ignoring her last comment. Taylor has this crazy idea that Mr. Sorice actually likes me. She says it's completely obvious from the way he looks at me in class and how I have such a good grade in his class. Ok just because I actually try in his class and study doesn't mean I'm getting special attention.


The rest of the day was slow and it was finally time to start warming up for the game. I get in line with Maddie and Starr as we start practicing shooting. I look around trying to find someone specifically when Starr hits my arm bringing my focus back to the feild.

"Looking for anyone special?" Starr asks after I take my shot.

I shake my head trying to bring my attention back to the game we have agaist our biggest rival Red Lion.

My coach calls us over just as we are about to start the game.

"Ok guys this is a big game for us and we need a win so lets go out there and show them what the Warriors got!" The whole team shouts and we start the game.


There's two minutes left in the game and we are tied 2-2. I know a couple of the girls on the team because I used to play with them. Saying they didn't like me would be an understatement. They hate me! I'm playing midfeild and I have tried my best to get a goal but every shot I take goes wide or the goalie saves it. I have one assist though so I guess I'm not playing to bad.

All of a sudden Maddie gets a steal and starts dribbling down the feild. She makes it to midfeild before passing it off to Emily on our team. Emily takes the ball to the corner before turning and crossing the ball. I run as fast as I can and jump up barely getting my head to it.


I feel a sharp pain in my side as I open my eyes. The trainer is kneeling over me along with my coach. I look to the side to see all the players taking a knee except one girl named Ashtyn Smith. She was the president of the I hate Nicole fan club and at that moment I knew it was her who hit me. I try to sit up and my trainer gives me a hand along with a water. They help me stand and my coach and trainer both take either side and carry me off the feild.

Everyone starts cheering and calling my name.

"What's going on?" I ask my coach.

"You scored! We won the game!" My coach cheers giving me a high five.

I feel a huge smile creep on to my face as I lean back taking the ice pack from the trainer.


I am currently sitting outside the school waiting for my parents to pick me up. I've called them three times and they won't pick up. I get annoyed and slide down the wall being careful of my side that still hurts like a bitch.

I see a car pull up and I hope it's my parents before I realize it's not.

"Do you need a ride?" I hear the sweet man ask and I look around before agreeing and climbing in the front seat.

"I didn't think you came."

He lets out a low chuckle before nodding and saying "I told you I would. I also saw that hit you ok?" He is so sweet. It's times like these where I forget he's me teacher.

"Ya just sore."

"Turn here." I direct him to my house and ten minutes later we are sitting in my drive way.

"I guess my parents aren't home." I say annoyed and grab my bag from the back seat.

"Well thanks for the ride and you know for coming to the game." I reach for the handle before I hear him tell me to wait.

I turn around and look into his eyes and before I know his lips crash into mine.


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