Mr. Right

17 year old Nicole Michels decides to start fresh her senior year. New attitude new her! What happens when she gets a new history teacher and there "relationship" involves more then tutoring sessions?


20. Chapter 20


'I spent the rest of my week hanging with Taylor when possible and most importantly catching up on school work. Kyle didn't try to call me once and I know I said I was done too but a part of me wanted him to call me. I screwed up, I did, but it's not like I cheated on him. I still love him and a part of me always will. But, I do understand where he's coming from and I know that we probably won't find our way back to each other and just thinking about that-' A tear slides off my face and onto my diary.  I know who keeps a diary right? Well it's a new thing and I thought it could help, you know someone to talk too other than Taylor.

"Nicole!" My mom screams from down stairs pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Yes!" I scream back hoping she can hear me.

"Dinners ready!" I close my diary and place it back on my top shelf before walking down to the kitchen.

An aroma of steak and potatoes hit my senses immediatly and I take a seat not realizing how hungry I am until now. My mother places a nice piece of steak and some potatoes on my plate before serving herself.

"Where's dad?" He's usually home by now.

"Oh he had to work late tonight." I nod my head and take my first bite.

"How is it sweety?"

"Amazing!" I let out a soft moan exaggerating just a little bit.

My mom lets out a laugh and continues to eat her food. "So sweety I've been meaning to ask you something?" She takes a pause and I give her a nod signaling for her to continue.

"Well last weekend Ms. Carla said she saw you getting in the car with some guy?" I stop eating and look at my mom practically choking on my steak.

"She said that?" Ms. Carla has always been obsessed with our family. She watches our house like a hawk it's crazy! Well no she's crazy! I should have thought about that before I had Kyle pick me up at my house.

"Ya she also said that she saw you guys kiss? Is there something you'd like to tell me?" Crap! Crap Crap Crap! Think Nicole! Think!

"Yes I've been seeing someone." Oh is that your genious plan! You might as well tell her you're banging your history teacher!

"Well I have to meet him! Who is it? I can't believe you didn't tell me?"

"Mom!" I cut her off before she can continue the lecture she was about to go into.

"We broke up. Ok?" Her face drops slightly showing me the first sign of pity I've gotten. Taylor was nice enough not to show how bad she felt for me.

"Mom don't do that."

"Do what?"

"Feeling bad for me. It's ok. It never would have worked anyway." I look down at the food I have left on my plate.

"You know I'm not that hungry. I think I'm just going to go lay down." I push away my plate and walk back to my room.


I walk into school the next morning and go straight to my locker not bothering to see if Taylor's running late. When I open my locker a note falls to the floor. I bend over and pick it up flipping it over to see my name printed nicely on the front.

It reads 'meet me behind the school. You know the place.


I turn around and see Kyle's not in his classroom. I throw my stuff back in my locker and run out the door.

When I get to where he said to meet I see him leaning up against the wall with a hoodie covering his face. "Hey." I say quietly surprised he can hear me at first.

"Hey" I walk closer so I'm able to see his face better.

"Did you tell anyone about us?" His stern voice caught me off gaurd.

"What?" I was confused by his sudden curiousity and urgency.

"The office wants to speak with me after school. Now I'll ask again did you tell anyone about us?"

"No- well just Taylor but you knew that. She didn't say anything, I swear!"

"So no one else knows?"


"Spit it out Nicole!" I took a step back getting a little frigtened by his harsh tone.

"My mom knows I'm dating someone because my neighbor saw us that day we went to the beach. But I didn't say who it was, I swear!" He takes a long exasperated sigh before looking back at me.

"You didn't say anything did you!" He takes a step closer causing me to take one back.

"What! Of course not! Why would I do that?"

"Oh I don't know. Maybe because you got your feelings hurt when I dumped your as-" He was cut off by my hand slapping him across the face. A stinging sensation reached my hand but nothing compared to the feeling I got when I saw him clutch his cheek. A red mark already forming.

"How dare you say that! No matter what you did I would never ever betray you like that!" The look on his face let me know he knew I was being honest and he knew he was being a jerk.

"Nicole I-" "I thought you knew me enough to know that." I cut him off turning on my heel once again walking away from him.

The tears fall slowly down my cheeks as I make my way back into the building. Right away I go and find Taylor's classroom just needing someone there for me. I knock twice on the door before Mr. Lewis her math teacher opens the door.

"I need to see Taylor." I don't know if it was the look on my face or just the face that he was a good guy, but he let her come with me.

As soon as he closed the door I broke down sobbing uncontrolably into her shoulder. She held me tight slowly sliding us down the wall. "I love him." "I know. I know." She rubs my back soothing me calmly.

"What will I do? I can't just stop loving him?" She takes a second to think about it before giving me her answer. "No you can't but what you can do is be there for him." I give her a confused look before she sits me up facing me.

"If the office really does need to talk to him then be there when they do." I'm still confused at what she was saying and I think she caught that.

"I don't mean in the room but maybe being outside of it will let him know that you haven't left him alone."

"I think being alone is what he wants."

"No he's just hurt. Trust me. And maybe send him a text apoligizing for slapping him." I nod my head and place my head back on her shoulder.

"My perfect year turned into crap real fast." She lets out a low laugh. "Honey nothings perfect."


So what you think! The next chapter shouldn't be too long of a wait! But if you can comment letting me know what you think cause I'm honestly just going off the top of my head and I want to know what you guys want! It would mean a lot to me!

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