Mr. Right

17 year old Nicole Michels decides to start fresh her senior year. New attitude new her! What happens when she gets a new history teacher and there "relationship" involves more then tutoring sessions?


19. Chapter 19

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Jason? That name sounds familiar but the face doesn't. I think he could tell it wasn't ringing a bell because he continued to speak.

"We met at Zodiac, you know the club? Then we went to that party an-" "Oh right I remember now. How are you?" I quickly cut him off knowing exactly who he was now. Jason the guy I hooked up with and had meaningless sex with the night I broke up with Kyle.

"I'm great who's this?" Jason gestures to Kyle and before I have time to say something Kyle joins the conversation. "I'm Kyle her boyfriend." They shake hands and I look up to see Kyle smiling politely at him and Jason doing the same.

"I didn't know you had a boyfriend Nicole." Jason looks down on me and I'm begging him not to bring up our short time together.

"Ya well we better go, long drive back and all." I turn around dragging Kyle along with me as Kyle waves for the both of us. I keep walking until we reach Kyle's car. We both take a seat not saying a word and honestly, I liked it this way. Kyle starts the car and I rest my head on the window looking at the town pass around us.


The car ride home is quiet for the most part and I thank my lucky stars for that. Maybe Kyle forgot about the whole Jason thing.

"So what was with that Jason guy? You met at a club?"

Spoke to soon.

"Uh ya when I was with Taylor." I hope he doesn't hear the nervousness in my voice. "Ok so when was this exactly?"

"The night we broke up when I saw you with Ms. Kocher." A sad look crosses his face when he remembers that day.

"So he was talking about a party you guys went to when you interrupted him. What was that about?" He's not going to let this go, I might as well tell him the truth.

"Well..." I take a deep breath before going into the whole story. Including sleeping with him, I can't keep it from him.

Kyle was dead silent as I finished. I just wish he would say something. "Kyle." No response. "Listen Kyle it meant nothing to me, I was just upset and drunk."

"Get out." His cold tone was something I've never heard.

I look around to see we are at my house. I didn't even notice we stopped moving.

"Kyle please I love you don't do this."

"YOU LOVE ME!?!?!? YOU OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T LOVE ME WHEN YOU SLEPT WITH THAT STRANGER!" He's never yelled at me like this before. It terrifried me.

"Kyle..." Tears started streaming down my face as realization hit me that this wasn't just a fight.

"You know what was I doing that night you dumped me?" His voice had gone down to normal which I was grateful for. I shook my head as he continued facing out the window.

"I sat by my phone all night waiting for you to call. Waiting for you to tell me it was all a misunderstanding and you didn't mean it. I cried all night wondering what I did to cause all this. And you spent your night banging some dude." His voice turned harsh at the end and he turned to face me . "Now get out."

I took one last look at him before I opened my door and stepped out with my bag in hand. Without another look he reversed out of my driveway and drove down the street. Why did I do it?


"Honey?" A soft knock came to my door as I layed face down on my bed. Soon I felt a dip at the end of my bed and I didn't even bother to look up, already knowing who it was. "Go away mom." My mom knew I was upset I just didn't tell her the reason, no matter how many times she asked.

"Sweety you have to get ready for school." That's right I spent my whole day in bed crying. You got a problem with that?

My mom got up and left after leaving a kiss on the top of my head. I trudged over to my closet and pulled out a pair of soccer shorts and a sweat shirt that said I heart LA on it. It was still a little chilly in my school. I put my hair up into a bun and didn't worry about make-up as there was no one to impress anyway.

I got in my car and drove the ten minute drive to the school. Grabbing my bag from the back seat I made my way into the building. Seeing Taylor's shining face wasn't really what I wanted to see the first thing I walked into school. Yes I obviously I told Taylor about what happened but I just didn't want a whole bunch of questions.

Taylor walks up to me with the same smile on her face and hands me a fruit smoothie from starbucks. "Here since I know you hate coffee." I smile as I take the cup from her and give her a hug. What was I talking about? Taylor is my best friend and if I can't talk to her about this, who am I going to talk to?

We reach our lockers and I take another sip of my strawberry smoothie. "Taylor this is really good, thank you." She smiles as her response and I make my way to homeroom.


All during my first and second periods I tried my best to pay attention. It turns out I've become quite behind in my studies. Well that is about change. I walk into third period sparing a glance at Kyle's desk where I see him diligently working on papers. He glances up and our eyes meet. I give him a weak smile but he just ignores me, so I take my seat ready for class to begin.

The bell rings and Kyle gets up out of his seat and walks to the opposite side of the room to talk to Carly. She's this kid in my class who I absolutely hate. We used to be best friends but it turns out we both changed. Her change just happened to be for the worse.

She gets up and starts to hand out papers to everyone. Their's a pain in my heart as that used to always be my job. I pull out my phone and send a text to Kyle as he sits down.

'Can we please talk!' I watch as he pulls out his phone and with out even opening the message he turns off his phone. He doesn't even look at me! That jerk!

Well what do you expect you practically cheated on him and broke his heart, my inner voice said. Man sometimes that voice needs to learn how to shut up.

"Ok class today we will be talking about Germany." Kyle states at the head of the room as he begins to write notes on the board. I quickly get out my book and start to take the notes down as fast as I can.

"Excuse me Mr. Sorice could you please slow down." He was going way to fast and I couldn't kee up.

"No I cannot if you can't keep up then leave." His voice was so harsh and everyone else seemed surprised by his outburst. I looked around and everyone's eyes were on me, waiting for my response. But I didn't give them one I just contnued to take down notes as fast as I could.

When class finally ended I was relieved to see everyone exit the room. I waited until the last person left before I made my wait to his desk.

"Can we please talk?" He didn't even look up when he said "there is nothing to talk about."

"Are you kidding me? There is loads to talk about!" I said a bit louder hoping to get something out of him but again nothing.

"I love you Kyle and ever since I woke up the morning after the "incident" I have regretted it." I said this a bit quieter as people started coming into the room giving me weird looks, wondering why I was there.

"Obviously not enough not to do it." His harsh words cut through me like a blade.

"Ok fine, you win. I apoligized there is nothing else I can do! I regret it and I will continue regretting it for the rest of my life." With those last words said I turned my back and walked out the door.


Hey guys so what you guys think? I'm sorry that they just got back together and I'm already breaking them up but don't worry I have a plan. I always have a plan!

Love you all <3 <3

Twitter: NicoleMichels21



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