Mr. Right

17 year old Nicole Michels decides to start fresh her senior year. New attitude new her! What happens when she gets a new history teacher and there "relationship" involves more then tutoring sessions?


18. Chapter 18

I can't believe how my life has turned out. I mean it's a complete 180 from the way it was last year. sometimes I wonder if it's all real. Like one day I'll wake up and it'll all be a dream.

An arm around my waist pulls me back to reality. "Hey what are you thinking about?" Kyle kisses my cheek and I lay back on to his chest.

"Just my life. How different it is from last year."

"Different how?"

"Well for starters I have an amazing boyfriend who I love." I turn around so I face him and give him a smile and a peck on the lips.

Turning back around I continue, "last year I was this shy girl who lacked confidence and just floated by unnoticed. But this year it's like everything is working in my favor." I feel two soft lips kiss the back of my neck as I continue to stare off in the distance.

"Well I know I would have loved you last year as well."

"I probably would have been scared to talk to you." We both laugh but Kyle turns serious once again.

"I love you Nicole. I love everything about you. I love your shy and confident self, your leader and follower attitude, everything that makes you stand out. I don't think you're completely different from last year I think you are still that girl just with a few changes." I kiss him with all I have.

"That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me." Their are tears on the brim of my eyes and as one escapes Kyle wipes it away with his thumb.

"I meant every word."


"Pack a bag :)"

I smile as I read over Kyle's text. I take a bite out of my bagel before typing my reply.

"Where are we going:)"

I have an idea that he is taking me somewhere to celebrate our 8th month anniversary. That's right you heard right, it has been 8 amazing months.

I hear the familiar ring of my phone telling me I have a new message. I look down and roll my eyes at his reply.

"It's a surprise. Be ready in ten minutes:)"

He knows I hate surprises more than anything. Well that's not true I love being surprised I just hate knowing that their's a surprise. Becasue when I know it's a surprise all I can do is think about it waiting to be told what it is.

I run up the stairs and grab a few neccesities along with changing into a pair of denim shorts and a floral top.

The weather has been pretty warm for the beginning of April. I shove my phone in my back pocket just as I get a text telling me he's outside.

I leave a note for my parents telling them I'm with Taylor and run out the door. I hop into the front seat of Kyle's blue jaguar.

"I don't understand how you have such a nice car for being a teacher."

"I'm good at saving." I roll my eyes and Kyle takes my hand in his free one that's not on the steering wheel.

"So where we headed?" Hopefully he will give me a straight answer this time.

"The beach."

"Oh ok- Wait what!" Kyle laughs as he turns on his turn signal merging onto the highway.

"You're taking me to the beach?"

"Yes happy 8th month anniversary!"

I smile in my seat as I crank up his music.


We finally reach our destination after about three hours of sitting in the car. I see the sign that says 'Welcome to Ocean City' as I pull out my bag.

Kyle takes my hand as he leads me to the beach. Suddenly I remember something and pull back.

"Babe what's wrong?"

"We can't be seen together remember? Your job!" Kyle just starts to laugh which kinda makes me mad.

"Babe relax we are three hours away at the beach in the beginning of April, who is going to see us?" I think for a minute before I realize he's right and take his hand once agin.

We walk along the shore line until we reach a bunch of rocks. Kyle helps me up and I take a seat while he sits behind me.

"I never want this day to end." I whisper barely loud enough for him to hear.

"Me neither." Kyle kisses the side of my head and I lean farther back into him.


It's been a couple hours and the sun is starting to set. Kyle and I found our way back to the rocks to watch the sunset.

"It's beautiful." I take out my phone and take a picture of it so I will always remember this day.

"Come on follow me." Kyle takes my hand and walks me towards the board walk. I look at all the stores we pass and see a sign for henna tatoos. For those of you who don't know what a henna is it's a spray on tatoo that can last for quite a while.

"Come on you're getting one." I force Kyle to sit and pull out a book for him to pick a tatoo out of.

He ends up picking out a cross to put on his upper arm. "It looks good." I say as we continue to walk down the board walk hand in hand.

"Ya ya next time you're getting one." I laugh and he wraps his arm around my waist.

"Nicole?" We both turn around at the sound of my name.

It's a guy a bit older than me probably more Kyle's age. "Hello do I know you?"

"It's me Jason."


So does anyone remember who Jason is! Comment and the first right person gets a shout out! Feel free to follow me on twitter and DM me with any question you may have. 

Twitter: NicoleMichels21

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