Mr. Right

17 year old Nicole Michels decides to start fresh her senior year. New attitude new her! What happens when she gets a new history teacher and there "relationship" involves more then tutoring sessions?


16. Chapter 16

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I woke up a lot like I did the night before but this time I was on a couch and fully clothed. I look at the clock next to me and see it's already 10. Oh well no point in going to school now. I grab my stuff and make my way through all the sleeping people crowding the floor. Luckily no one stops me this time as I make my way to my car.

Kyle's POV

What did Nicole mean by she saw me with Ms. Kocher? I barely know her. I grab some papers off my desk and start to put them on each group I arranged.

Student's start to pile in one by one until the bell finally rings. I look over and see Nicole's not here to day.

"Taylor where's Nicole?" She gives me a dirty look before shrugging her shoulders turning back around.

That's weird Nicole has only missed one day this whole year and that was in the beginning of the year.

"Alright class get to work on your group projects."

I pull out my phone and quickly send a text to Nicole asking her to meet me so we can talk.

I never did anything with Ms. Kocher and I have no idea what she's talking about.


The end of the day finally comes and I pack up my bag placing papers that need grading on top. I'm about to leave when I spot Taylor coming into the room.

"Do you need something?" She once again gives me a dirty look as she makes her way to my desk.

"I know what's going on between you and Nicole. She told me." My face stays the same as I process what she has just told me. How could Nicole do that? We could get in so much trouble. The last thing I want is for Nicole to get into any sort of trouble for this.

"Relax I'm not going to tell anyone. Nicole's my best friend." My body relaxes a little bit and I sit on the edge of my desk.

"Is this all you wanted to share?" She looks at me again with a look of disgust. God she needs to stop doing that!

"I hope you know you broke her heart! She loved you and you took that for granted!" She... she loves me? I can't believe it, I thought she wasn't ready to tell me.

Well technically she didn't tell me but it's the same thing!

"You need to listen. I didn't cheat on her or anything! I love her too and what she saw was nothing!"

"Oh ya than why did she come to my house crying?" She cried? I made her cry?

"Listen, Ms. Kocher told me she wanted to talk and since we are both history teachers I didn't think much of it. So she came to my room and suddenly she just starts playing with my hair telling me how goo looking I was. I told her I had a girlfriend but she didn't believe me. So she continued. I finally told her to just leave. Please you have to believe me!" I look into her eyes pleading that she will.

"Ok, I believe you." A huge sigh exists my lips as I slump down into my chair.

"We have a problem?" I look up hoping she's kidding. Not another problem.

"What is it?"

"Nicole's lost it. She's drinking and going out partying every night. She need's your help." What? Not my Nicole, she would  never do something that stupid. She always told me she hated drinking.

I grab my bag and head out the door hearing Taylor call my name but I just ignore her. I have to get to Nicole.

I jump in my car and speed off down the road. Somehow I manage to find my way after only being here once. I think back to that day when I gave her a ride from the game. I can't believe I was so stupid to kiss one of my students. Oh well, I'm glad I did.

I reach her house and thank my lucky stars her parent's aren't home. I knock on the door but after a few minutes no one comes so I try turning the handle and it opens. Wow this is really not safe.

I walk in carefully not wanting to make too much noise. But soon I hear music blaring from upstairs. I walk up her steps reaching the door I assume the music's coming from.

I turn the knob slowly and when I do it reveals Nicole dancing around to the music with out a care in the world. I reach over shutting off her music and as soon as I do she spins around stopping dead in her tracks as she lays eyes on me.

"Kyle?" That is the only thing she says to me as I make my way further into her room, stopping only a few feet in front of her.

"Nicole we need to talk. Taylor came to me today." She lets out a long sigh before sitting on her bed not bothering to look up at me.

"Why did you do it?" I can hear her voice cracking letting me know she's crying.

I reach out and rub circles on her back as I get ready to tell my story.

When I finish there are tears in both our eyes and she leans her head against my chest allowing me to wrap my arms around her.

"I'm so sorry." She sobs into my chest barely giving me the chance to hear her.

"You have nothing to be sorry about." I stroke her hair and she sits up to face me.

"Can you ever forgive me?" The look in her eyes was pure torture to look at.

I cup her face in my hands and lean down whispering "There's nothing to forgive." And with that I bring her lips to mine letting our tears mix with one another.

She pulls away when we hear a car door slam from outside. She gets up quickly and I follow close behind. We can both hear someone downstairs and she quickly pushes me back in her room.

"You have to leave. If my parents see you they'll flip."

"Where am I supposed to go?" Nicole looks around before pointing to the window. Is she crazy. I walk over taking a look outside and see it's not too far a drop.

Nicole gives me a sympathetic look while I place one foot outside getting a better grip on the window.

"I love you." She quickly says and I do the only thing I think right to do. I crash my lips to hers.


Hey guys sorry I thought this chapter kind of sucked! But hopefully the next one will be better for you!

I love hearing what you have to say so please don't be shy. Mean or nice I can take it!


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