Mr. Right

17 year old Nicole Michels decides to start fresh her senior year. New attitude new her! What happens when she gets a new history teacher and there "relationship" involves more then tutoring sessions?


15. Chapter 15

Tenth period ends and I make my way to my locker. Luckily I only have homework in math so my bag won't be too heavy. Taking Calc really does suck though. I open my locker just as Taylor comes up from behind me.

"So, are you going to detention?" I honestly have thought about blowing it off but then again who knows if he will write me up and that's even worse than two hours of detention with your ex boyfriend.

"Ya I kinda have too." My locker slams shut and I turn to face Taylor.

"Do you think he did it just so you would have to talk to him?"

"I know that's why he did it. But i'm not going to give him that satisfaction of thinking he won." Taylor smiles in approval and then leaves me to make my way to detention.

I open the door not even sparing a glance at him and take a seat all the way in the back, the farthest chair from his desk. I open up my math homework and start working on it before I hear him call my name.

I don't respond and I just keep diligently working on it. My name is called three more times before a shadow comes across my desk. Once again I don't look up. That is until my math book is snatched from my hand.

"Hey!" I try to grab it back but he pulls it out of my reach.

"No! Not until you talk to me." I sit back down and stare up at the board not giving in to his demands.

He lets out a sigh before turning around and retreating back to his desk. A smile makes it's way to my lips as I realize I won.

That is until he pulls up a chair right in front of me and continues to stare at me.

I do my best to look anywhere but him, but after 5 minutes of just staring I give in.

"WHAT!" I yell causing a smirk to make it's way to his lips. His perfect kissable lips. Wait what? No I can not think like that.

"Good she speaks. Now please tell me why you broke up with me? What did I do?" He asks this time his voice a lot softer. I think over the possibilities in my head and come to the conclusion that telling him the truth is the best possible one.

"I broke up with you because I saw you with Miss. Kocher. Ok? Is that what you wanted to hear? You wanted me to come out with the one thing that has broken my heart? For me to feel more pain? Well congratulations because you succeeded in just that." And with that I grab my bag walking out the door not caring that detention wasn't technically over.

I drive home using every ounce of strength in my body not to cry. When I get there I open my door glad that no one's home and make my way to me room.

I open my closet revealing clothes that I never thought I would wear. I pull out a striped dress that barely covers my butt and makes my boobs look huge. My white heels slip on easily and I grab my keys and purse before hopping in the car.

Tonight I'm going out alone. I need time just to let loose on my own. I drive for twenty minutes before pulling up to York College. I get out walking the streets until I find a faternity having a party. I walk up to the entrance with as much confidence as I get muster and show my best smile at the guy out front.

"Well hello there." The guy says to me. He's tall and has dark brown hair and pericing brown eyes.

"Hi, mind if I come in?" I twist my hair around my finger and push out my chest a little more. The guy looks down and I swear his eyes popped out of their sockets.

"Yes, only if you let me find you later." I nod my head and take a step inside already smelling the alcohol. I walk straight to where I can find a drink and fill a cup up taking a look around. I spot many couples making out and some who are in large groups.

I feel sort of out of place but after a couple drinks I won't know feel that way anymore.


I've been here for almost an hour and a half and have had probably three drinks by now and I'm on my fourth.

"Hey." I turn around to find the guy from the door coming towards me. Now that we are inside with the light he's a lot hotter than I first thought.

"Hey." I am a lot more stable than I first thought I would be.

"The name's Chris."

"Nicole." Chris leads me to a room in the house that isn't as crowded there's only a few people scattered around.

"So Nicole, what brings you to York campus. I know you're not a student." Crap! Ok Nicole think fast.

"I just wanted a good time and I heard you guys know how to throw a party." Good one! Hopefully he believes it.

"Oh believe me we do." We both smile and take a sip of our drinks.

"By the way you are so hot in that dress."

"Thank you, you know you're not so bad yourself." I lean in whispering the last part.

"You know what would be really fun right now." I whisper in his ear.

"What?" I can tell he's getting turned on my the sudden shift in his body.

"This." And with that I pull him in connecting our lips together.

I pull away almost as fast as I started knowing exactly what I'm doing to this guy. Watch and learn guys.

I start to get up and turn around like I'm about to leave and just as I thought I feel Chris grab my arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" He pulls me back down so I fall on to his lap bringing his lips to mine in a forceful kiss. He holds on to my waist and I pull back.

"what do you think you're doing?" He looks at me confused.

"I mean with your hands."

"They're on your waist."

"I know do I look like a nun, put them somewhere useful." He smiles down at me and picks me up so I'm straddling his lap placing his hands on my ass.


"Much." I bring his lips back to mine.


Hey guys so what do you think of Nicole's sudden change in attitude? I know there hasn't been a lot of Nicole and Kyle moments but believe me we are getting to that! Pleas vote and comment telling me what you think. If you want to follow my twitter feel free.

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