Mr. Right

17 year old Nicole Michels decides to start fresh her senior year. New attitude new her! What happens when she gets a new history teacher and there "relationship" involves more then tutoring sessions?


14. Chapter 14

I wake up with the worst headache of my life. I feel someone's arm around my waist thinking of Kyle. But then I remember everything that happened about our break-up. I turn around coming face to face with someone's face. I sit up squinting not recognizing my surroundings. I'm able to get out of his grip but as soon as I do I hear the man next to me mumble something.

I grab my clothes hoping I can just slip out of their but it's no luck when I hear my name. I turn around and find the man sitting up.

"Hey." I whisper and he gets up still completely naked. I turn away a little uncomfortable by the whole situation.

"What's wrong? You seemed to enjoy my body last night." He comes closer pulling me against his chest.

"Could you just put some clothes on."

"Sure babe." What? What makes him think he can call me babe? We hooked up that's it. I just needed to take the pain away.

I'm still not even sure what his name is. I think it starts with a J?

It's then that I remember I came with Taylor and I walk out looking for her. I find her passed out on the floor and I kick her foot waking her up.


"Wake up we're going." She nods her head and grabs her stuff getting up.

"Babe where you going?" hook up guy says and I come up with the best smile before turning around.

"I'm sorry, but we really have to go." I grab Taylor and practically throw her out the door.

"Jeez slow down. what's the hurry?"

"What time is it?" Taylor checks her phone showing it to me and I see it's 8 o'clock.

"Taylor we have school!" We run to the car both totally forgetting about it.


We make it to school by 9:00 after stopping to get clothes from Taylor's. Thank goodness her parents are on a business trip or there would be lots of questions.

I walk in with some time left in Health, my second period of the day. I hand the teacher my late slip and take my seat next to a girl named Rachel.

"Wow Nicole you look awful." Jeez thanks.

I roll my eyes laying my head down on my desk.

The shrill sound of the bell wakes me up. I didn't even realized I fell asleep. I grab my bag off the floor and walk to the class I've been dreading for the past two days.


I walk in and immediately avert my eyes so I don't have to look at him. I take my seat and Taylor gives me a sympathetic smile before opening her notebook. I hate to say it but Taylor looks pretty bad. I can only imaging what I look like.

"Ok class please close your notes and clear your desks for the test."

Crap! I totally forgot about our stupid history test. I turn back to Taylor and she gives me a look telling me she forgot as well.

"Ms. Michels please turn around." I hear Kyle say and I turn around not bothering to look at him.

He hands me a test and I flip it over putting my name on the paper. I read over the first question and already know I'm screwed. Oh well that's what you get when you decide to break up with your boyfriend and get drunk the night before a test.


Everyone has handed in the test and are just sitting around talking. I pull out my phone texting my mom to let her know I'm coming home right after school. I start to play a game when I hear my name called.

"Ms. Michels we do not have phones in class. That will be detention." I look up and sure enough Kyle is looking straight at me. Along with the whole class.

"What? Everyone has their phone out." I look around and sure enough everyone does or are now trying to hide it.

"I don't care. I saw you so you have detention."

"That's so fucked up." I say not realizing how loud I said it.

"Excuse me? That's extra. You will now be here an hour later so tell your parents to expect you at 5." I sit back not believing what just happened.

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