Mr. Right

17 year old Nicole Michels decides to start fresh her senior year. New attitude new her! What happens when she gets a new history teacher and there "relationship" involves more then tutoring sessions?


13. Chapter 13

~~An hour later I was standing in front of the mirror looking myself over. I have a black skirt that comes just above mid thigh with a white crop top showing off my stomach and slits on the side. I know slutty right? Well frankly I don't care. Usually I don't dress like this but Taylor's right moping and crying won't get me anywhere. It's time for me to have some fun.

"You look hot." Taylor comes up behind me and I smile at her through the mirror.

"So do you." I turn around sitting on the bed doing my makeup.

"You will look better with these though." I grab the black stilettos and put them on.

"So you never actually told me where we are going?" I stand up taking a few practice steps. I'm not used to wearing heels this big.

"We are going to the club. Come on." She walks out the door and I follow close behind.


An hour later we arrive and I could hear the music from blocks away. I get out smiling as Taylor locks the car.

"This is going to be awesome!" Taylor yells as she links arms with me.

"Ya awesome." I say under my breath not wanting to run Taylor's happiness.

The truth is I'm not as excited as Taylor. Even though he hurt me I can't get my mind off of him.

"Yo, you ok?" Taylor waves her arm in my face and I catch it.

"Yes I'm fine now lets go." I walk off with Taylor close behind.

We come to the door and the bouncer immediately lets us in, not even asking for ID. The smell of alcohol and smoke mix as we walk towards the main room. As soon as the dance floor comes into sight we see people grinding and making out.

"See I told you, awesome." Taylor pulls me right in the middle of all the grinding. Where she got this confidence is beside me, I wish I could be like her. We start dancing together and pretty soon some guy grabs Taylor's waist and they start dancing. I feel uncomfortable dancing by myself so I squeeze through all the sweaty people and make my way to the bar. I sit down taking a deep breath before pulling out my phone. I know it's a mistake but I look anyway and sure enough there's 10 missed calls and 5 texts from Kyle all asking me to talk to him.

I put my phone away before the tears have a chance to ruin my makeup. Just as I do the bartender comes over and I freeze thinking he's going to know I'm not 21 and kick me out. But instead he places a drink in front of me and points to the man across from us.

"This is from the gentleman over there." I smile and take the drink taking a sip. It's actually really good. I'm usually not a huge fan of alcohol.

Someone sits down next to me and I look up noticing the same guy. I'm not gonna lie he was pretty hot.

"Hey." He says taking a sip of his drink.

"Hey, thanks for the drink." I smile before taking another small sip.

"You looked like you needed it. I'm Jason."

"Nicole." We shake hands and fall into a comfortable silence for a short time.

"You want to dance?" He asks getting up and I don't know what made me do this but I say "Sure."

I take his hand and he drags me to the dance floor. Luckily it's a slow song so he just rests his hands on my waist and I put mine around his shoulder. He pulls me closer so we are only inches away. I look up into his blue eyes remembering another man who had eyes just like that.

I push the thought out of my head before it ruins my time. Just then I see Jason leaning down and soon our lips connect. I could taste the alcohol on his breath but somehow I didn't mind and I kept our lips together.

He pulls away and whispers in my ear "lets get out of here."

"I'm with my friend." Something inside me wants to go with him but another part is telling me not too.

"She can come, I'm having a party at my apartment." I let him take my hand dragging me off the dance floor until I find Taylor.

"You up for a party at Jason's?" I smile already knowing her answer and a huge smile makes it's way to her lips as well.

"Totally." We grab our stuff and then follow Jason to his house.

When we get there you can already tell which apartment is his by all the music.

"You're neighbors don't mind the noise?"

"Who do you think's at the party?" He gives me a smile and grabs my hand pulling me inside.

As soon as we walk in two guys hand us all a drink. I take a sip not really liking the taste but frankly I don't really care. I down the rest before taking another one and downing that too.

"Whoah girl slow down." Some random guy says to me and I just smile as I take my third cup.


An hour later the alcohol is finally having an effect on me and I'm dancing around like a crazy person. I found that when I'm drunk I have a lot more confidence than I usually do and I love it! Jason grabs my pulling me down on his lap.

"Hey! I was dancing." I say giving him a pouty face.

"I saw that." He pushes his lips to mine and I immediately deepen the kiss. I run my fingers through his hair and feel my feet being lifted in the air.

I then feel my back hit a bed and I break away taking a look around just to see no one there. Oh well.

I grab his face bringing his lips back to mine.



Hey guys so I was really bored so I decided to write another chapter today! I was at the beach all day yesterday and got sunburned all over! And I mean all over! My legs, feet, chest, stomach, face, and arms! It's awful does anyone know how to make it less painful?!?!?! PLEASE I'M DESPERATE!!!!!



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