Something great

Jennifer Thomson, 18 years old goes to Harvard college with her bff Stacey Bonfield. During a class one of jenn's teachers comes with a new boy. Could he be the one?


1. 1

*BEEP!BEEP!BEEP!* i wake up from the sound of my alarm. It was a normal tuesday morning. I got up and went straight to the bathroom. When i looked at the mirror, boy did i look tired. I brushed my teeth and took a shower, and wore a simple pink polo shirt and denim jeans with my vans that matches the shirt. I then tied my brown hair into a ponytail and went downstairs. "Good morning Jennifer" my mom told me, i still looked tired. "So whats for breakfast mom?" i said "As usual, pancakes" she smiled. After i finished breakfast i decided to pick up stacey my best friend. "Mom i'm leaving!" I said. "Enjoy school!" She replied. I left the house and stopped by stacey's house. She came downstairs and we left. "Whats up Jenn?" Stacey smiled "nothing much". We talked practically the whole way to school, and went to class.

The teacher arrived with a new boy next to her, he is hot to say the truth.. "SETTLE DOWN CLASS!"miss Joan said and we all shut up, "this is a new student" "his name is Liam Payne" we all stared at him for few seconds but then miss Joan continued "make him feel at home and i need someone to show him around" we all looked at each others and then back to miss Joan "he will be sitting next to..." At that moment we all looked at the seats next to us to see if it was empty and guess what? Mine was. " he will be sitting next to Jennifer" and all eyes came on me. I hid my face behind the book until everyone stopped looking at me. When Liam sat next to me i started to blush., WHY?!

I looked at him while he was preparing his stuff and he looked back. I did not know what to do. "Hi Liam" i said he looked at me with a shy face "hi Jennifer" i smiled and he did too. When the bell rang, i went to Liam. "So hows your first day of school Liam?" I smiled "not bad but i still need to discover this place" he said "let me show you around" i replied and he smiled. "After showing you the school would you like to sit together during lunch" WHY DID I SAY THAT?! "Sure" he laughed. We finally arrived at the cafeteria "JENN OVER HERE!" Stacey scram i looked at her and went with Liam to the table. She looked at him and whispered to me "who is he?" And i told her everything.


HI :) this is the first time i write something here so i hope you enjoy it. And also if u don't mind i need some ideas <3

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