My life is a Celtic travel

It happens to me so much that I do not have time to tell all my friends and my family! So I decided to romanticize a little from my life now, just when I take a new professional start in life. I work in animation to a wider audience and I like fantasy stories of lost kingdoms, captive princess and knights, I metaphor for my daily make it even more beautiful!
PS : I'm French, so sorry for my English... XD


1. A beautiful day !



It was a beautiful day which promised in heaven. The sun behind the mountains of the Hautes Pyrenees, a new bright green of spring, pointing the tip of his nose to the bottom of our little valley. More precisely, a light beam was shoot the steeple of the chapel Pouyasbé 500 m. This chapel belonged to the village just below, located at the crossroads of greenways and Valleys Luz and Cauterets. It was a village at 480 m altitude appointed Pierrefitte Nestalas. In an ancient language spoken most often at the moment, it meant "Peyra-Hita Nestes" Stone terminal Pyrenean torrents.


I wanted to live on this planet was called Earth to fulfill my divine mission. I do not know anything about this mission and I did not always know also. Were briefed me from my childhood that every human being had a mission on this earth and that over time and a lot of perseverance he might be discovered.


Me, I had lost a lot of time trying in vain to pass one of the big events of my earthly life is to get the degree. A degree that I find, pardon the word, absurd! It is supposed to show the intellectual abilities of "human" as anyone can have except me. Well yes, that's three times I tried it without visible results.


Oh actually , I must introduce myself a little. Before appearing in broad daylight, my physical body grew in the womb of my mother land . Do not ask me how I could be in there, I do not know ! All I know is that one day my mother put her hand on her belly to be in contact with me. Of course, as is my habit , I was playing and guess where? In this place called hospital you think? No, of course ! But with a Greek on a beautiful rainbow, the color yellow beam when she asked me my name. An obedient daughter, I rushed to her and my physical body to become whisper the answer. I wanted called me Celestine , which in Greek meant " refers to heaven." This is how I could see with satisfaction writing this beautiful name bracelet on my small wrist when I was born.
Well, it falls to me a little story that I find amusing strong today. I had a front hump-shaped when I was little in my park . My uncle told my mother - yes , it was a very clumped around us before, during and after our arrival on Earth family is like that - I had a head for math . I can tell you after that, I never have touched the math. I always had catastrophic notes in this regard. Who knows why ... while yet I loved digging and build dams with bare hands , a sign of old incarnation perhaps I was engineer. Who knows ... Later, I left the roots of my friends trees to take refuge in their products , books . I became completely enamored of big and small stories of the World and the Universe . My grandmother I was also always told that I trépignais on site when taking me in cultural rays these great buildings and dishes filled with human stress called "stores" .

Now that I presented back to the class of "human." These are strange beings because of their psychology and their trends overlap between the Kingdom of Good and Evil kingdom . Sometimes white , sometimes black, their thoughts are more or less clear and are linked to their feelings and their actions. They are characterized by three features: thought, feeling and action. It seems to me that their most appropriate symbol would be the pyramid or mountain in short, a sort of triangle. That I come from a world of flowers and fairies, it is disturbing that!
So I was contacted by a strange holiday village for a new mission four and a half months in land Landes . After staying there three days, fate, if not heaven , reminded me with mine I do not know for what reason . While I was determined to accomplish this mission away from my family for this challenge to do better than before, I had no doubt continue my way to another destination . This destination was a little thrill my heart because I was going to my light flicker with little humans called "children" .
And yes, every human in his physical development is located in a kind of category depending on their age. For example, if a human being between one day and three years of earthly life , it is a toddler. Another example, if the human being is 70 years old and is an old man. As for the human category that interested me was the children between 3 and about 10 years.

There was therefore no cloud in the sky that morning except mine because I was on cloud nine . I was finally going to finger the dream of my earthly existence : work for the good of the human being sacred myself a human . What a long way that life on Earth , anyway! And yet , this day , like all the others would be rich in divine activities . As a human being , I can tell you that we never really reached his goal. We are always disturbed by radio waves emitted by all sorts of entities from Earth or other remote areas .
And in the early morning , I went to my new face lower nature. We lived in a large house set at the beginning of the village as if we share our location to protect the walls of the city. I knew a friend who often came with me to walk the few dogs we had. I must tell you that these "dogs" are a species other than humans, strong friendship , and more intelligent than them. A bit like my friend the robin redbreast, who himself was an animal from the " birds ", our dogs had an instinct still intact compared to humans . Even I no longer getting the same way unseen messages. This is while in the corner of a laurel hedge , we met another dog with his "master" , formerly a human policeman.
A dozen houses were lined up nearby village alongside the greenway , a former railway. Another way of separating bitumen alignment houses the greenway, where multiple teams passed .

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