My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


4. Saved

Sydney's P.O.V

I'm still in the same position as before. Still crying. Everything hurts. I just feel terrible. Let's just face it, I'm never going to be saved. 

Just as i think that, i hear it, a car

"WOOOO" a lady yells in the car. I try to get up as fast as I can, which ends with me falling over from dizziness, so i just wave my hands in the air.

"Help! Please! Help me!" I yell but it comes out as a rough croke, so I cant imagine they heard me. 

They sped up as they passed me. Did they see and ignore me? I put my head in my hands. Then, the car stopped down the hill. I hear doors open and close. I open my eyes and look down the hill. The girl is sitting in the grass and the guy is sitting on top of each other. I laugh a little, which makes me cough. I try to wave my arms for as long as i can, in hopes they will see me.


Marzia's P.O.V

We walked to the grass and I sat down. Of coarse, silly Felix comes and sits right on top of me.

"Hey! What are you... Get off of me! Your crushing me! I said giggling.

"I don't care....." he says in his mono-tone voice

He gets off of me and looks to the sunset.

I look up and behind me to look at all the pink and purple clouds in the sky. Wait... What is that...... OMG! Its a little girl!!! I look at her for a few seconds just to make sure it actually was a person and I wasn't going crazy. Felix saw me looking and turned to look as well. The girl was laying on the ground, either sleeping, unconscious, or... I don't want to say. 

"Look!" I say pointing at her. He obviously saw her from the expression on his face. 

"Should we go see if she is ok?" i say in a quiet voice.

"Well, she's laying down unconscious... and her clothes are covered in dirt." Felix says rolling his eyes.

"Ok, lets go."

We walk up the big hill and look at her. I quickly bend down and place two fingers on her neck. Good palse. Then I put my hand on her stomach and feel her breathing as well.

"She's just sleeping." I say in a whisper, standing up again.

"I'll go get the car." Felix says as he quickly goes down the hill.

I sit there and look at her. I feel like I'm being creepy, but I feel bad for her. Her hair is filthy and her clothes are  even dirtier then her hair. I want to help this poor girl. She has a huge bump on the back of her head. I wonder what happened..... 

Felix drives up the hill and stops beside me and gets out.

"Felix, can we take her home and help her? she's all alone and dirty, so I'm pretty sure that she has no home."

"Noooo, where just gonna leave her here to die." Felix says sarcastically.

"Thank you." I say.



Felix lifts her up carefully into our car and we drive home.

~Time skip~

When we get home we carefully pick her up, take off her shoes and place her on the guest bedroom.

"Sweet dreams." I whisper and smile.

Me and Felix left the room and went to our bed.

I just can't stop thinking about that poor little girl.

~Sydney's P.O.V~

I wake up to feeling of someone lifting and carrying me. I only open my eyes a tiny bit so they don't see I'm awake. Only enough to see. The man that I saw driving the car from earlier is holding me. He looks so damn familiar.... Wait, so does the lady. I was lightly put down on there car seats and then they started to drive. I have been saved. Finally. I slowly fall back asleep thinking of the beautiful thought of being saved.

 ~The next day~

I wake up to the amazing smell of...bacon! I am laying in a very, very, comfy bed. I open my eyes and look around. This place is nice! I slowly slide off the side of the bed. I feel soo much better. I guess I just needed a good sleep. I make my way out of the, I'm guessing, "Guest Room". I look down the hall to see some stairs. I walk towards the stairs and then very cautiously walk down them. I then, very slowly, make my way to the kitchen. I peek around the corner and see the lady from last night. 

"H-Hello?" I stutter. 

"Well, hello there sleepy head! I'm Marzia. We found you on the road last night and you looked like you needed some help."

I nod.

"So, may I ask, what's your name?"

My eyes begin to water, but this time, happy tears.

"S-Sydney. Nice to meet you!" I say.

I sniffle a few times and run up and hug her. I now was crying.

"What's wrong?" see asks worryingly.

"N-Nothing... It's just you saved me!" I said crying even more.

she smiles big and says...

"Your probably really hungry right? Here, have some bacon." I wipe the tears from my cheeks, let go of the hug, and take the bacon. I eat it as soon as she gives it to me. 

"Tghank ju!" I say with a full mouth.

"Nooo problem!" she says laughing and biting into a strip of bacon. 

Then I see the man that carried me to the car. I look up at him after devouring another piece of bacon.

"Oh and this is Felix!"

"Hi there!" he says happily.

"Hi! My name is Sydney. Thank you for taking me here."

"Oh, its fine. We just felt soo bad so we had to help you." he says and I smile.

"You know, you guys look very familiar....." i say.

Then i see them whispering something into each others ears.

I wonder what there saying... 








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