My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


19. Rosy Cheeks

Sydney's P.O.V




Oh. My. God. My jaw dropped to the floor, and my eyes opened as big as the moon. Holy crap. How? I can't… Wow.

"Oh my god!" Is all I manage to say. A chorus of laughs goes through the house. Standing in front of me was at least 30-40 of my favourite youtubers. From Tyler Oakly to SkyDoesMinecraft to Nigahiga to all of fricken O2L!!! Even Ken and Minx were there! Did mum and dad fly everyone here? Oh my gosh! It must have been soo much money! Maybe the guests paid for there selves. My mind is buzzing with questions and my mouth is in a smile so big I think I may be scaring people…

I look towards mom and dad and they are smiling at me.

"Now lets party!" a familiar voice says, then music plays loud around the house. I know that voice. I cant believe it. This voice came from not a youtuber, but a viner. This voice came from Cameron. Cameron Dallas. Everyone starts to dance, laugh, and socialise. I don’t know what to do with myself. Remind me later to thank mom. I'm glad she kept me in these clothes.

As I look around the now dimly lit room, still smiling like a crazy person, a girl with purple hair comes up to me. There is also a man walking beside her.

"Hey!" Tiffany (A.K.A IhasCupquake) says.

"H-Hi!" I yell over the music.

"Come dance!" Red say as Tiffany holds onto my hand and walks me to the living room where everyone else is dancing. When we get there I dance, followed by Tiffany and Red. I feel a little overwhelmed. Well, very overwhelmed. There are so many of my idols around me. Ill be ok though. I just wish Olive was…

"SYDNEY!!!" I hear someone yell, then someone plows into me, knocking me to the ground.

I look at the body on top of me, and see Olivia.

"OLIVE!" I yell and we both start laughing.

"Happy birthday! You are now 14!" She says after we get up off the ground and brush our selves off.

"Yes! It feels good! And thanks!"

"Oh ya and Sydney? I'm kinda freaking out over here." She says, leaning closer to me.

"Me too. A little overwhelming but hey! Cameron Dallas is here!" I pause for a second.

"OMG CAM IS HERE! Where is he? I need to see his beautiful face. OH YA AND O2L! I need to see there faces to! I NEEED TOOO SEE THEM!" I say quick, giggling at the end.

"I know right! And calm. We will find them." She says laughing and starting to dance.


This night has been amazing. So many youtubers came up to me to give me birthday wishes. Every time someone comes to me, I take a selfie with them. Everytime someone comes to me, I freak out and die a little inside. I have sooo many pictures, I'm afraid I might run out of space on my dads iPhone. He gave it to me to take pictures for the night. I couldn’t believe it but even Jesse and Jeana (A.K.A PvP or BfvsGf) vlogged me! I'm going to seriously have a heart attack. Mum and dad came to see how I was and if I was enjoying the party. Obviously yes! They also told me that people will be staying at a hotel nearby, so I can visit anyone if want in the morning.

Then I saw them. There, a few meters away from me, dancing. O2L. And beside them? Cameron fricken Dallas. I need to get to them. I hesitantly walk over to the group.

"H-hey!" I say. I stopped dancing. I suddenly feel a lot more self-conscious then before. I feel like I need to suck in my gut.

"Hey birthday girl!" Jc says to me, still dancing.

"How have you liked the party?" Ricky says, dancing as well. Everyone is dancing, except me.

"Good. Its amazing seeing everyone here! Especially you guys! I'm a huge fan!" I say shakily, trying to play it cool. Is it working? I think it is.

"Dance! Loosen up!" Cameron says putting his hands on my shoulders, then dancing. Not really dancing. He looks more like a dieing something trying to dance. I laugh at his goofiness and dance a little.


I ended up getting a selfie with all of them, then a second selfie with Kian, Jc, and Cameron, of them kissing me on the cheek. If you couldn't tell, they're my favourites. No offence to the others though. The rest of the night I spent dancing with this group and Olivia.

It was now 2:00 AM and everyone else left. It was now just Olivia, all of O2L, Cameron, and I. We were now playing "Would you rather?", sitting on the couches. I was sitting in between Kian and Jc.

"Ok, Sydney. Who would you rather kiss in O2L?" Cameron says, giggling like a child.

"I don’t know!" I laugh uncomfortably. I know exactly who, but I'm not going to tell them.

"Ask her something we don’t know!" Sam says with a smirk on his face.

"What?" I say confused. Then Kian kisses me on the cheek. I feel my cheeks catch on fire. I laugh a bit trying to cover how embarrassed I am. How did they know? I look at Olivia and see she's laughing. She then mouths the words "I'm sorry" and continues to laugh, as does everyone else.

"Ok guys, enough embarrassing Sydney! Ask someone Syd." Jc says, still laughing.

"Ok." I say with a devilish grin on my face. "Olive. Who would you rather kiss in O2L?"

Everyone laughs as Jc kisses her on the cheek. Olivia is now bright red.

We continue to laugh and play our game. Best. Birthday. Ever.


Hey people who read awesome fanfics! Jk. Syd here! Seriously, can this please just happen to me? Like really. Please. Anyway, I hope you know at least one of these youtubers, and if you do, let me know! Cam fricken Dallas. HOT DANM! Seriously, if you have never seem him, look him up. You will not regret it…

Hope all you amazing's are having a goodtime at school! (A.K.A Hell. Jk!)




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