My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


7. Pewdiepie?

Felix's P.O.V

I know what i need to do. I have to tell her. If she is going to be our daughter she needs to know my job and everything I do. I need to do it today because i have to record for the bro's. I already missed a day of uploading yesterday, and i need to explain everything to them. I roll off the side of Marzia's and my bed. How am I going to tell her? She said she recognised us so maybe she already knows. 

After i get up, i get changed and walk downstairs. I sit down on the couch and think for a long time. Now i know exactly how to tell her.

I see Sydney and Marzia come down the stairs. Sydney is in the silly little onesy we got her. she insisted on getting it, so we did. Her hair is in a mess so it makes me laugh.

"Good morning!" she says laughing with me while falling onto the coach beside me putting her head on the armrest. 

"Good morning! What where you doing to get your hair like that!?" i say still laughing.

After breakfast I ask her if she wanted to play some Gmod with me and some of my friends on my spare laptop. This is how i will tell her.

"OK! I love Gmod! You'll need to introduce me to your friends!" She says smiling ear to ear.

"Of coarse!"

  We go into separate rooms after I sign her up for Skype and open Gmod. Then i call her. she picks up and smiles.

"Let me call my people!" I say

After i call Cry, Ken, and Minx they pick up and all say hi.

"Hello people!" yells Ken

"Hello!" we all yell

"Was that a girls voice i hear?" Cry questions.

"Ummm yes cry, i am a girl...."  Minx says laughing.

"No, a little girl!"

"Why yes there is a little girl. Say hi Sydney!" i say

"Hello dudes!" Sydney says enthusiastically

"Introduce yourselves guys!" i say

"I'm Cry"

"I'm Minx"

"And I'm Ken"

"Now, not to be rude but, who exactly are you?" Cry says

"Sydney is my new daughter! we adopted her!" i say. i tell them the story of how we found her, then about her parents and they all where in awe.

"Wow...." Cry says

"I know right!" Minx adds.

"Now enough about me and lets play some Gmod!" Sydney exclaimed. 

Sydney's P.O.V

All there names are very interesting. Except Ken. Cry and Minx do sound familiar though.

"Ok guys I'm starting my recording." Felix says. Wait, what?

"How's it goin' bro's! My name is Peewwwwdiiieeepiiee, and where going to play some Gmod!"

No words. I see pictures in my mind of my past. Laughing at my phone. My Pewdiepie t-shirt. Watching him rage, laugh, scream, and yell. all of it. I now remember Cry, Minx, and Ken from is videos. I can't speak. I put my hands to my mouth and mouth the words "Oh my god". I pull Felix's headphones off and run to his room. 

"You ok Sydney?" i hear Minx ask on Felix's computer as i run and hug him.

He laughs and i run back to my room. Pewdiepie is my dad, and...... OMG Marzia's my mom. i pull myself together and walk towards the laptop on my bed.

All of them are laughing and i laugh with them.

"Ok, ok, lets just start playing now!" i say through laugh's.


Hey guys! It's Sydney! I am soooooo sorry I didn't update for a while. Yesterday I felt really sick, but i got this chapter up for you! :D I hope your still enjoying this fanfic and I would really appreciate it if you like it! Thanks!


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