My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


6. Parents and Sydney Kjellberg

Sydney's P.O.V

"Tomorrow we will go to the child adoption. We will call your parents later." Felix said.

Suddenly, that day flashed before my eyes. Everything about what my parents did. I now know where I am, Brighton, and what they did to me. How they hit me with a baseball bat and left me. Water came to my eyes and I began to cry. I don't want to see my parents! I don't want to ever speak the them again! Now I know, they are the reason for the huge bump on the back of my head.

"I don't want to see or hear them ever again!!!!!!" I said through a sob.

Both of them gave me a big hug. I't made me feel a little better because it let me know someone does love me. they pull back from the hug and I'm slightly sad they did, but they needed to let go sometime.

"Why?" Marzia asks.

"B-because they-they....." I say still sobbing a sniffling.

"It's ok Sydney, we wont let them near you and you don't need to talk to them if you don't want to." she says hugging me again.

"O-ok.. I-I re-remember what happened, well, how I lost my memory. It-it was my parents! They hit my head and left me to die on the road!" I say holding in my tears.

"Wow." Felix mouthed as they both come and hug me.

After, what felt like forever, they let go of the hug and looked at me.

"We'll take good care of you Sydney, and we will make sure they never EVER hurt you again!" Marzia said with a loud voice.

I give both of them a hug.

After the hugs, they get up and walk towards the door.

"Wait!" I stop them.

"Do you guys by any chance have a iPhone charger?" i say slowly and smiling.

"NOT IT!" Felix yells running into Marzia's and his bedroom.

He's so childish but I love it. Marzia rolls her eyes and walks out the room.

"OK, I'll get it." she says pretending to be annoyed.

When she comes back I thank her, take it, and plug my iPhone to it. Then i go to my bed and fall asleep.

Felix's P.O.V

Mmmmmmm...... Pancakes. Marzia makes the best breakfasts in the world! When I go downstairs I only see Marzia in the kitchen.

"I guess she's still asleep!" I say sitting down at the table with a plate of pancakes, COVERED in syrup. I may not be Canadian but I sure like me some syrup! 

"Yeah, so how are the pancakes?" 

"Mmmmmmmmm... really good!" I say with a mouthful.

"Good morning!!!!" a voice yells from behind me.

"Good morning Sydney! Grab some pancakes!" I yell back.

"So are you exited for today?" Marzia says while flipping another pancake.

"Of coarse!"

"Good!" she exclaimed with a smile.

~Time skip~

 "So here we are! The child adoption centre!" Marzia says looking up at the big sign.

We walk inside and to a man at the front desk.

"Hi, can we make an appointment to adopt?" I ask him.

"Yes, of coarse! Mr. Feltch will help you right now! Just walk down the hall and its the 2nd last room on your left!" he said so we did.

After a bunch of paper work, roughly 45 minutes of signing and discussing, Mr. Feltch says one last thing. " I need to speak to Sydney's birth parents to finalise this adoption."

"Ummmmmm...... Sydney? Do you remember there phone number?" I ask her.

She nods her head no.

"Oh wait! Sydney? Do you have your iPhone? maybe you have them on your contacts!" Marzia says back.

"Let me check.... hmmmmm...... Olivia.... AHA! Mom and Dad!"

She looks at us with a smile then it quickly turns into a scared frown. 

"It's ok sweetheart. They can't do anything to you, we are here for you." I say giving her a side hug.


I hear it ring 4 times, then someone answers.

Sydney's P.O.V

"Hello?" said a woman on the other end.

"M-Mom?" i stuttered.

"F**K!" said a muffled voice on the phone.

"Yes, now what the f**k do you want?" she said.

"I-I just wanted your permission to t-t...."


"Sorry, ummm.. I wanted to ask if I could be adopted!"

"Pffffff, HA, by all means, do what you want."

"O-ok, but why?" i ask her. 

"Oh... funny story! You are just a mistake! Me and your dad where just having some fun, when his condom broke! We kept going cause who the f**k cares!"

My eyes where pouring rivers now from the info I was just given. So I was never loved until now?

I slowly gave the phone to Mr. Feltch and hugged Felix. I put my head on his shoulder and just sobbed. I could hear my mom yelling into the phone at Mr. Feltch so he had to pull the phone away from his ear. He then hung up.

"Ok, well..... she says she is perfectly fine with it."

A slight smile went across my lips.

"Sydney Huchen, you are now Sydney Kjellberg!" Mr. Feltch said happily.

Marzia then joined to make a big group hug.

I now have a family that loves me.

Hey guys! Sydney here! Hope you guys liked this dramatic chapter! Sorry if swearing somehow offends you but hey, I *'ed it out! I think it was a pretty good chapter. I updated earlier this week cause for this long weekend, May long weekend,  I'm going camping! WOOOOOOO! Anyway, have an awesome rest of the week!










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