My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


9. Olive

Sydney's P.O.V 


Ahhhhh… I wake up to the smell of the fresh breeze and sunlight. Even little birds chirping. A stereotypical beautiful day. I don't smell bacon or pancakes so mom's probably still in bed relaxing. That’s ok. She needs a break. I love mom and dad. I know that’s a little random but I still couldn't ask for a better family. Thinking of this makes me smile. I roll of my bed, taking all the blankets with by accident.

"Really!" I say to myself as I pull them of the floor, back onto my bed.

I walk to my parents room and I see there still sleeping. Ok. Ill just get some cereal.

I quietly walk down the hall, down the stairs, and into the kitchen.

"What to choose. Cheerio's, Fruity Loops, Captain' Crunch?" I say opening the cupboard.

"I think Fruity Loops I would be good!" says a voice behind me making me jump.

"Dad! You scared me!" I say turning around. He smiles when I call him "Dad".

"Well, wasn't that the point, daughter?" he says making me laugh.

"I guess so." I say still smiling.

"Oh! Yes. I was going to say, that maybe you should talk to your friends." He says to me as we sit down with our "Fruity Loops".

"Oh ya! Olive! i need to call her!"

He smiles as I get up, put my bowl in the sink.

"I'll do that right now!" I say climbing up the stairs, two steps at a time, which probably looks silly.

Which I guess it is. I hear laughing as I skip into my room, and lay on my bed, iPhone in hand. I go to contacts and scroll to "Olivia". I need to tell her everything..

It rings 4 times and then I hear a "Hello?" on the other end.


"Eeeeeeeeeeek! Sydney!!!!!" she screams.

"Where have you been! I've called and went to your house and sent letters and emailed you and texted you and…"

"I'm ok! Don’t worry!" I said laughing.

I hear dad laughing at us downstairs.

"Oh shut up!" I yell at him laughing.

"WHO IS THAT?!!!?!??!?" she says on the other end.

"My dad!"

"But your dad is never that… well… kind… and that sounded a lot like pewdiep…. OMG!!!!!!!!!"

I laugh and call dad upstairs.

"I'm guessing you want to meet him, right?" I say, a smile going from ear to ear.


"Ill take that as a yes!" I say, then she screams.

Dad comes in and I put it on speaker.

"This is Olive or Olivia!"

"Hey ther' gurrrrrl!" he says.

"H-h-h-hi…" she stutters back and dad laughs.

"I-I just cant believe its you!!! You’re her dad!"

"Yup" I say.

Dads smiling.

"Hey sydney? Can I talk to you?" he says.

"Ok. Olive, I'm gonna have to hang up, but I will call you literally RIGHT after."

"Ok." She responds.

"Bye" I say then hang up.

"Yes?" I say looking towards him.

"Well, I thought that, with everything you've been through, you could invite her here to London for a week. We will pay."

My heart skips a beat.


"Of coarse!"

I run up to him and give him a huge hug.

"TANK YOU!!!!!" I say.

After I call her and tell her that she can come, she asks her parents if she can, and we plan out when she should. She's is coming tomorrow!

I will re-unit with my BFF!

Hey! Sydney again! Sorry for all the dialogue and Sydney's P.O.V this chapter! Hope you still enjoyed!



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