My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


16. Lets Go

Sydney's P.O.V


I wake up suddenly. I look around the room.

"*sigh*, still in the hospital." I whisper to myself. What time is it? The suns up but I cant find a clock. What woke me up?

"LET GO! SHE IS MY DAUGHTER! LET GO OF ME!" Someone screams from the couch in front of the hospital bed. Now I know.

"Mum?" I say sleepily.

"LET GO! LET GO OF ME NOW! PLEASE! LET GO!" Nightmare. I have to wake her up. Dads still asleep. I shouldn’t wake him. I'm surprised he hasn’t woke up yet because mums yelling really loud. I run over to the coach in my P.J's that I changed into last night.

"Mummy?" I shake her with my good arm. Nothing.

"Mommy! Mum! Wake up!" I continue shaking her.  Then she shoots up and looks around the room. She has blood shot eyes and is sweating.

"Marzia. It's ok. It was just a dream." I say and she hugs me.

"Worst. Nightmare. Ever." She says with a small smile.

"What time is it?" she says and I grab my phone. I unlock it to see the time. 9:34 AM. I smile. They said we could check out at 9:30. I get off the couch and dance and jump around.

"Its 9:30! Its 9:30!" I chant running around the room. Soon Marzia joins me.

"Its 9:30! Its 9:30!" We continue.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat are you guys dooooooooooing?" Felix groans, half asleep.

"We can leave now!" Mum says walking over to him.

"Its 9:30! Its 9:30!" He also chants a few times. Then a nurse comes and say she can help us check out.

We walk to the front desk after gathering all of our stuff. Finally, we get to leave. Many tears shed, many emotions felt. Now we can go home. Mostly unharmed. Sure my arm hurts like hell, but at least I'm not dead, right? I need to talk to Olive about what happened. Its been a looooong time. Almost a month. I haven't been able to text her yet. The doctor told me I was in a coma for 3 weeks, then "died", then came back to life. They said they found my phone smashed in my left pocket. It doesn't work anymore, so I need to get a new one soon, or at least an iPod. Just something to text and communicate with. Luckily, I loaded everything onto iTunes on dads computer.

"Sydney?" A voice says, knocking me out of thought.

"Hmmm? Ya?" I respond

"Where leaving now." Felix says with a huge smile on his face. He is really happy to leave because he stayed here the whole time, by my side. Best daddy ever. I bet my old dad wouldn't do that…


Hey! Sydners here! (Yes, Sydners. Don’t  judge…) Get ready to read! 3 new chapters coming out today! Woohoo!




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