My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


3. Help!

Hey! It's me again, and I just wanted to tell you that this chapter, to me, will be quit long, so I hope your ready for reading! I hope you guys enjoy his chapter!



All I can see is black for the longest time. I'm probably the most scared I have ever been in a long time. Suddenly I open my eyes and sit up. I'm on the side of a road, covered in dirt. Sunshine pours over my body as a cloud that was covering the sun shifts its position, then lets rays of sun spread across the land.

"Where am I?" I whisper to myself. How did I get here? I cant remember anything! I know basic things about me, like my name, my age, the history with my parents, Olivia, but not at all what happened, or why I'm here. It definitely feels a lot colder and looks a lot different then Florida. I cant hold in the tears any longer, so I let a few drip down my cheek. I am trying to stay strong, but I don't know how longer I can.


Felix/ Pewdiepie's P.O.V

"Felix?!!!" Marzia (Cutiepie) yells from downstairs right after I finish my outro.

"Yaaaaa????" I yell back.

"Can you please come down here so we don't have to yell?!" she yells, emphasizing "yell".

I go down the stairs and walk into the kitchen, where she was baking cookies.

"I'm here!!!!" I scream at her even though I know she's right there.

"Stop it!" she says and I laugh

"Fine." I say laughing. I love annoying her.

"*sigh* ok...what I wanted to ask is if we could do something OUTSIDE. Away from the computer for once! We don't do that enough!" she says and walks to me and kisses me on the cheek.

"Ewww! you have cooties!" i joke and she giggles.

"But seriously! Do you want to?"

"Sure! Your right. We don't do that enough" I say.

"Yay! But first, eat a cookie!"

Sydney's P.O.V

I have decided to get up and follow the road.  I'm so hungry and thirsty! Who knows how long I've been here. I feel dizzy because of dehydration, and my head hurts. I have a really bad headache and there is a bad pain all around the back of my head. There's a bump where the pain is. I really wonder what happened...

I figured that I would follow the road and maybe I could find some sort of store. There is just fields, as far as I could see. The road i was walking on starts to go up in a steep hill. I debate about taking a break, but then I thought, maybe, just maybe, if I get to the top I'll be able to see across the land! I start walking faster ad faster the more I think about getting to the top. My legs hurt like hell but I'm almost there! There's just a few more steps....

My eyes open wide, and my jaw drops. I front of me i see nothing.

 Tears run down my cheek. The road just goes on, and on, and on, and on. No shop, no gas station, NOTHING! I walk to the side of the road and fall to the ground, and sob. As i lay down, I feel something hard in my jacket. I sit back up and reach into the pocket. A iPhone... How didn't I notice this before!!!! I stop crying and frantically try to turn it on. The screen turns on, and I notice that my lock screen is a picture of a blue fist with the words "Pewdiepie" and "Brofist!" around it. What is a "Pewdiepie" and "Brofist"? Whatever, i need to get into the phone. I look at the numbers on the screen. I have no idea what the password is. Then i see the "Emergency Call" button. I quickly press it, but just to my luck, the screen turns black. Dead. Its dead. Tears start to form again and I suddenly let it all out.

"I'm going to die! I'm in the middle of nowhere! Someone help! Anyone!" I yell. I put my hands around my knees, put my head on my thighs, and sob. I closed my eyes, and just cried. I felt helpless.

Felix's P.O.V

Marzia and I thought that it would be nice to go for a little drive. Specifically in our convertible. It's getting late so we can stop and enjoy the sunset later.

~Time skip~

"WOOOO" Marzia yells as she lifts her hands up while we drive fast down the road.

"VROOOOM" I say and drive a bit faster.

"Ahh, this is nice." she says while putting her hands down and lying back in to her seat.

"Yeah.." as I slow down a bit. The sun started setting so we slow down and I park the car. we both get out and Marzia sits down on the grass. I sit down right on top of her.

"Hey! What are you doing... Get off of me! Your crushing me!" she says laughing.

"I don't care......." I say in a mono-tone voice. (You may recognize this from his videos )

I get off of her and look at the sunset. I look at Marzia and she was looking at the road behind us.

"What?" I ask very confused.

"Look!" she says pointing up the hill where the road goes.

I look and I cant believe what is see...


Hey guy's! I hope you liked this long chapter! Thank you so much for reading!

Have a good day!







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