My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


14. Heartbeat's

Sydney's P.O.V


What's going on? All I can see is black. All I hear is silence. Its like I no longer have senses and all I have left are my thoughts. It's scary.

"It's not your time." Something in the back of my mind says to me. I cant hear the voice. It's like a small thought in my mind, but the thing is, It's not mine.

"You are not ready. You have not lived. It is not your time." The voice continues saying. What does it mean? Am I dieing? Is that God? Suddenly my body feels comfortable. No stress, no pain, and no other emotion other then calm. I almost don’t want to leave. I don’t think I'm dead. I feel to alive to be. Maybe this is another chance to live.

"Be well child. Live, love, and always have faith. Be true, brave, and stay close to the ones you adore. Good luck." Says the voice. Right after the voice finishes, I can feel. I feel the warm sheets below me. Then I can smell. I smell the unusual smell of a hospital room, combined with the smell of disinfectant wipes. I feel little tears going down my cheeks, then to the bed. I do not feel pain though. Then, I can hear.

"NO! Why can't I stay with my daughter for longer!" I hear a familiar voice yell.

Then in a quick motion, my eyes open and I sit up.

"UMMM…. WHAT THE…. AHHHH!" a voice screams. I turn to see where the noise came from and see Mom and Dad starring at me. So I died? I died. I almost lost my entire life because of some stupid driver! Tears come rushing down my face. But I'm alive now. Everything is ok.


Marzia P.O.V


"How is this possible?!" a flustered nurse, pacing around the room. Sydney is laying

in-between me and Felix on the hospital bed. The doctor should be here soon from looking further into the "resurrection" of Sydney. Sydney is still very shaken from the situation so she is cuddling both me and Felix. After a few minutes, she drifts off to sleep, loosening her grip on us.


The doctor still hasn’t shown up yet. It has been an hour since we last seen him. Sydney is still asleep, and the nurse left. I politely told her to stop pacing, but she just left the room entirely. So sorry nurse, but you where making everyone else nervous. Felix is shaking his leg up and down, not knowing he is, and wont stop. I don’t want to bother him because he is already to stressed. Right before I crack and yell at Felix, the doctor comes through the door.

"I am sorry for the wait, but we now know the reason to… this." He says nodding to Sydney.

"At one point Sydney's heart stopped. It did not start beating again, according to the heart monitor. But we took a look at the program again and found that her heart, did indeed stop, but after 30 seconds or so it starting beating again. The heart monitor couldn’t read it because her heart rate was so low."

Wait, so it was the hospitals fault Sydney could have woke up in a morgue!? Or even worse burned ALIVE! I think about yelling this to him but I manage to calm myself down. Sadly, Felix could not.

"HEY! So what if she woke up later?! Then what happens?! She could of woke up in a incinerator! I, I, I COULD SUE YOU!"

"Calm down Felix! There is no need to sue anyone. Just, relax." I say to him, and he relaxes a little bit. Thank god he listens to me. Sydney starts to stir so I place my hand on hers and she stop's. Don’t worry Sydney. It will all be over soon.


YOOO people! Syd the kid here! (I don’t even know) I am soooooooooy happy right now! This fanfic (yup, the one your reading right now) just got 400 views!!! OMG! Thank you!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! I soo glad people actually like this! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this somewhat longer chapter to make up for last weeks crappy chapter! And guess what? I DIDN’T LIE! I actually got it out on the day I said it would be out! Yay!

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