My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


18. Crop Tops and Suprises


Felix's P.O.V


~Two days later~ (Must be said like in "Spongebob")


Today is the day! Syd's thirteenth birthday. I really hope this goes well…

Let me just say, getting woken up by an alarm clock at 6:30 in the morning is the best… for sure…

I sit up from bed and turn the alarm clock off. I promised Marzia I would make Sydney's birthday breakfast because Marzia's the one taking Sydney out to shop. While there shopping I set up the party. It will be stressful, but worth it.

"To early…" I whisper to myself, rubbing my eyes. I get up and walk downstairs to the kitchen. Lets get started. I'm making Sydney 5 pieces of bacon, 1 egg, 2 pieces of toast, a small pancake, and a milkshake. I don’t think she can even eat all that. Well, she has proven me wrong twice already. Like the meal she had 2 days ago? Ya, she ate it ALL! Kid can eat…

Once I finish cooking, I put it all on a huge plate and then on a tray, so she can eat in bed. Luckily Sydney hasn’t woken up yet. Its been an hour and a half since I started. Gosh, I didn’t think it would take that long. Well, sorry Syd but your waking up early today! I quickly grab a blueberry muffin and a candle, and then stick the candle into the delicious muffin. (I am soo hungry now…) Then I light the candle and walk upstairs, tray in hand. I walk into my room to find Marzia up and reading.

"Time to wake her up!" I say and she smiles. I wait for her to get up and awake and then we go into Sydney's room.

"Happy birthday to yoooouuu! (cha cha cha) Happy birthday to yoouuu! (cha cha cha) Happy birthday dear Sydney! (cha cha cha) Happy birthday to yooouuuuuuuuu!" We sing, me adding the cha cha cha's, and falling on top of Sydney at the end. She woke up halfway through the song and is now laughing and pushing me off.

"Happy B day!!!!" Marzia says hugging her, giving her her breakfast.

"OMG GUY'S!!! It looks sooooo yummy! Thank you!!!!" she says, looking down at it on her lap.

"It was dad who made it." Marzia says pointing to me.

"Thank you daddy!" Daddy. My heart melted, and yes, I am a dude, but it made me feel good, K?!

"No problem sweetie, now blow out the candle! And don’t worry, much more coming!"

Sydney closes her eyes and I guess makes a wish, then blows out the candle.

"Ok so, we will let you eat in peace and then moms taking you shopping! Well, once you get ready but, ya!" I say walking towards the door.

"Wait!!!" Sydney screams dramatically. Like reaaallly loud.

"Jeeze… yes?" I say turning around. Then something crashes into me.

"Thank you sooooo much!" Sydney says, hugging me so tight I almost cant breath.

"No…..problem…..Cant…. breath." I say dramatically. She laughs then does the same to Marzia.

 "Ok well I'm hungry, and I want to eat, so I'm going to eat." She says smiling big.

"Ok. We'll leave you to it!" Marzia says then we leave.

Today's starting out well.


Sydney's P.O.V


After I ate all of my breakfast, yes ALL, and get showered and dressed we get in the car. We recently got a new one and its nice. Anyway, I've been quite afraid to go in a car for a while, so today's the first time since the accident. So far its gone well. I sit in the front seat, with mom holding my hand. I think its helping.

When we finally get to the store, Ardean, and park, Marzia turns to me before she gets out of the car.

"Hey, Sydney, I thought it would be cool if, maybe, we could get some clothes that are a bit more… mature." What does that mean? I look down at what I'm wearing now.

"NO! No! Not that your clothes aren't mature! What I actually meant by that is, like, crop tops?" OooooooOOOooo! I always wanted to see how crop tops looked on me…

"Ok, I always wanted to try them!" I say smiling.

"Good! Ok lets go!" Marzia says stepping out of the car. We walk into the store and are greeted by bright colours. Since its fall, I need something warmer, so we walk to where we see the sweaters. We look around in that section for a while but couldn’t find anything. Then, I spotted a white, wool, sweater crop top that says "Dream" in black, across the isle. Perfect, and its not to short either. I show it to Marzia and she agrees that it is very pretty. I grab my size then we go to the jeans and pick up some cute skinny jeans. After that we go to the super bright change rooms. I don’t know why Marzia wanted me to suddenly get "mature" clothing. Whatever, its for my birthday!

"Would you like me to come in with you?" she asks me.

"Sure! I definitely want the style queen with me." I say smiling at her and she laughs.

"Ok." She says and we walk in. I quickly change into the jeans and crop top and look into thee mirror. Wow. I look gooood ;D I wish I didn’t have that cast, but it doesn’t interfere with too much. Excluding the cast, I look quite nice! Obviously Marzia thought so to because she had the biggest smile on her face.

"You. Look. So. Goooooood!" She whisper/yells. I look at the outfit more. The crop top is perfect. It shows the right amount of skin. It stops about a centimetre below my      belly-button. The skinny jeans fit just right and are very comfy.

"Wait." Marzia says, then takes of my headband, that I wear everyday. When she takes it off, my blonde hair flows naturally, and stops a bit below my shoulders.

"Wow. You look so OLD! We are buying this NOW! And no more headband! You look amazing with it, but you look older without." She says grabbing my clothes and pushing  me out of the change room.

"Shouldn’t I change first?" I say as she pushes me towards the cash register.

"No time for that! Come ON! Lets go!" She says laughing and smiling. What is she doing? Whatever, I guess she just really likes it on me.

She quickly unclips all the tags and gives them to the cashier. (Btw Ardeans tags clip on with a safety pin if you didn’t know)

"Oh wait, one sec. I gotta go to the bathroom! Wait here?" She says as we walk out of the store. She's acting a bit strange…


"Thanks! Be back in a few!" She says walking back in the store. What is going on?


Marzia's P.O.V


Its been soo hard keeping the secret! I need to call Felix and see how things are going. By that I mean, are all the guest there yet or do I need to stall for any longer.

Sydney looked so nice in her new outfit! She will be happy I got her it today and made her keep it on… There will be guys! Anyway, she can thank me later.

I'm now in the bathroom calling Felix. I dial the number and it rings 3 times before he picks up.

"Hey! How's it going? Are they there? Are they ALL there? I mean, are the guest's there? How are they? Are you ready?…"

"YES! Calm down! Everyone's here and ready. We're just waiting for you guys."

"Sorry. I just really want this to go perfect!"

"Its ok. So, did you pick up anything nice?"

"Oh did we?! She looks sooo nice! Very grown up! Anyway, got to go! Left Syd waiting outside. Cya there!" I said then hung up. A ran out of the bathroom and back to Sydney.


Sydney's P.O.V


Mom was in a rush to get home. There's something going on and I know it. But I don’t know what…

"Mom? What's going on? Your all rushed and jumpy…"

"Nothing. Its just I cant wait to show everyone my amazing mature daughter! You’re a teen now! Its exciting!" She says keeping her eyes on the road.

"Oh. Ok! Ya I guess it is exciting! Wow. A teen…" I cant believe I'm a teen! I'm so happy to be too. Being 13 makes me feel really young but now that I'm 14, I feel a lot more mature.

After about 20 minutes of driving, we're home. There's a lot of cars on the street. I guess there's some celebration going on. Marzia has a big smile on her face and we open the door. All the lights are off. Wonder where dad is. I walk to the lights and turn them on.




Heyooo! Sydney here! Cliff-hanger, kinda! Can this happen to me on my birthday maybe? Mom? Dad? Maybe? Ok.

Anyway, hope you have been enjoying school! (Not that any of you are)

Cause I haven't! I also hope you are enjoying this fanfic! Love to see that your still reading it! Lots of thanks!



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