My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


10. Black

Felix's P.O.V


~Five Days Later~ (sorry for the huge time skip!)~


Olivia's leaving today. She was supposed to stay for a week but she had to go to school. It was funny, because she was a really big fan of me. She kept looking at me the first day here. She did end up getting a signature and a picture from me. It was cute. She also is such a polite and kind 12 year-old girl! It has been a little hard though. I mean, having 2 tween girls in the same house at the same time is hard! All the squealing and laughing. Not that I don’t like laughing, its just when they laugh at 12 at night, yeesh! Anyway, overall, having her here has been fun. I hope Sydney and Olive can see each other often.


We drove to the airport and brought Olivia to her plane. The two girls where very, very sad. She did end up getting Skype so they can talk, but it will never be as good as hanging out in real person. We said our last good-bye's and drove back home. Sydney was still really sad.

"Its ok Sydney. You'll see her again. Don’t worry!" I say to her, looking at her through the mirror in the car. She frowns.

"Come on! Cheer up!" Marzia says smiling. She gives out a small smile, but then it fades, her eyes widen, and face suddenly goes white. Then she screams.


Sydney's P.O.V


 "Cheer up!" Marzia says looking at me, smiling. But I cant! I miss her already. I smile a little and she smiles back. I look out my window, on my left. A car. All I see. A car speeding into the side of ours. Everything's black now. I cant see anything, hear anthing, do anything. Am I dead?


Hey guys! Sorry for the short chapter and huge time skip. I just didn’t know what to do with Olivia. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!



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