My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


17. BACON!

Sydney's P.O.V


Today, I wake up  to, not the smell of cleansing wipes and steal, but the most heavenly smell to ever exist. Bacon. It has been so long since I last had a normal meal and finally, I will be able to have something good. At the hospital, for 3 months, I didn’t taste anything, cause… I was "dead". Now that I think of it, I don’t know how I ate… Anyway, then for the last 3 days I had gross granola bars and fruits. Not much. I was usually hungry at the end of the day.

When I finish my thoughts, I jumped out of bed. I. Need. Food. I. Need. BACON!

"BAAAAAAAAAACOOOONNN!!" I yell as I run down the hall and down the stairs, still dressed in my onesie. Unfortunately, I trip on the last step, and fall to the ground.

"Owwwww!" I groan. I hear laughing from the kitchen doorway. I look up and I see mum and dad laughing hysterically.

"Hey! Its not funny! That hurt!" I say, giggling a bit myself.

"Of course its not! Why are you laughing! She's hurt!" Felix says to Marzia playfully.

"*sigh* Ok…. I'm guessing your verrrry excited for your breakfast?" Marzia asks me. I quickly jump up from the bottom of the staircase and run into the kitchen.

"YEESSSS!" I say running through Marzia and Felix.

"Wow. Ok well its on the table. Enjoy!" Marzia says to me.

When I see the huge plate my jaw drops. 5 pieces of  bacon, 1 egg, 1 pancake, and a smoothy.

"Oh. My. God. HEAVEN ON A PLATE!" I exclaim, sitting in the chair in front of the amazingness.

"Aren’t we just the most amazing parents!" Felix says.

"YES!! Thank you!" I say grabbing a piece of bacon from the plate.

"Oh wait… what's the date?" I ask. I seriously have no idea.

"November 22nd." Marzia says.

"OMG!!!!! My birthday is in 2 days!!!!! YAY!"

"Yup! And we're doing something extra special!" Marzia says with a smile of her face.

"What is it?!" I say excitedly.

"Your expecting us to tell you?" Felix says, giving me a look.

"Yes." I say putting one hand on my hip.

"Nope. Sorry. It’s a surpriiiiise!" He says back.

"Fine. I like surprises. Now if you don’t mind I'm going back to eating my delicious breky fast!"


Felix's P.O.V


This party will be great! I decided I should invite Olivia to come to the party. I'll fly her out to London for a couple nights. I wont tell you much about the party, but its gonna involve a lot of people. Important people, to Sydney.

I secretly walk off to my office and dial Olivia's number. I don’t want Sydney knowing that she's coming. I really hope she can come. She's really the only friend Sydney's got.

"Hello?" A voice on  the other end says.

"Hey! Its Felix."

"Ohhh. Hey Felix!" she says and giggles a bit afterwards. I don’t think she's over the fact that I'm Sydney's dad yet…

"Hey. I was wondering if you would like to come to London on the 24th? For Sydney's surprise party."

"Oooooo! What are ya doing for her? I wont tell!"

"Ummmm… I cant tell you either. Its kinda a surprise for you too."

"Really!? Oh my gosh! Let me ask my mom if she can fly me there!" I hear a high squeal come from the other end. She's reaaallly excited.

"Oh, its fine. We'll pay."

"Really?! You guys are waaaaay to nice! Let me just ask if I can go." I can hear a faint conversation with her and her mom.

"My mom says sure! I'm sooo excited! Can you send me the info?"

"Sure. It'll be emailed to you strait away!"

"Ok! Thank you sooo much! See you then!" She says giggling. I really want her to get over it…

"Ok bye!" I say, and then the line ends. Shit. I forgot to tell her about the accident… and why she hasn’t been talking to her in about… 3 months. Oh well, Sydney will tell her at the party.

I cant wait for this.


Hey! Sydney here! 2nd chapter of 3! Hope your enjoying!



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