My Saviour's (Pewdiepie Fanfiction)

Sydney, a twelve year old girl, lived with her mom and dad. Her family wasn't normal, and she knew that, but she never thought they would do anything so horrible. Luckily, a young couple was in the right place, at the right time.


26. Awkward Looks

Its Olives last day in Brighton, and she is going home at 7 tonight. She has been here for 3 days so far and it has been amazing! It really has been the most amazing birthday.

I haven't talked to Kian, or any of the guys yet. They're still in Brighton, but I haven't sent or received any calls or texts from them. I feel a little down, but I know why they wouldn’t want to "get in touch". I mean why would they want to hang out with a fricken 14 year old? Cant think of a reason.

Anyway, since today is my final day with Olivia, we decided to go to the mall,  not that I need any more clothes. We did it more just to get food and hang. Mom and dad also let us go alone. A way for my dad to say sorry. And he just didn’t feel like we needed anyone to watch over us. I mean, I am 14 right.

After unsuccessfully buying anything at my favourite stores, Ardean and Forever 21, we walked to the food court.

"Oh oh! Look over there! Hotties alert." I say nodding over to a group of guys. We have an odd "game" where we pointed out guys we found attractive. It sounds really weird, but its fun.

Most of them are facing away from us, and a few are sideways so I can see only the sides of them.

"Oh yaaa! Especially the one with the blond…. Oh crap." She stops in her tracks, quickly looking away from the "cute group".

"What?" I say turning around to her.

"That’s the guys! O2L!  Are you ok about talking to them oorr?" She questions.

"Oh my god! How didn’t I know! Umm I guess there's no harm done if I go talk to them. I kinda wanted to talk to them anyway."

"Ok, lets go then." She says and we start walking towards them. They haven't noticed us yet. I begin to get nervous. I wipe the palms of my hands on my jeans as we get closer. Finally, we get close enough to them, and Trevor sees us, and his face lights up. I smile knowing that someone there is happy to see me. We continue to walk. I see Trevor talk to the guys, then his smile quickly goes away. It looks like he's arguing with them. All of the guys, excluding Trevor, look back at us with uncomfortable smiles. Trevor is the only one that looks happy to see us.

"Hey guys!" I say as we walk beside Kian. Everyone mumbles a hi, again, except Trevor, who greats us in a different way…

"What up queens?"  he says, walks between Olive and me and puts his arms on our shoulders. We laugh.

"Nothing much, its just Olives last day and we wanted to spend it together!"

"Ya! We didn’t expect you guys to be here. Just shopping?" Olive asks them.

I hear mumbled "yups" and "ya's" from the group. Trevor glares at them.

"Hey umm I'm gonna order some food from Taco Bell, I'll talk to you later?" Jc says.

"oh umm sure ok bye!" I say, trying to sound happy.

"Oh ya me too! Gotta get my tacos. See you around!" Ricky says and follows Jc, who was walking the complete opposite way to taco bell. I yell a bye and they wave back. I sigh to myself.

"So have you bought anything yet?" Olivia asks, probably trying to forget about the odd happenings.

"Not yet, but we still have the whole mall to go through. You?" Trevor asks.

"Same. I don’t really have money either." I say chuckling.

"Really?  Thought you'd be loaded with cash after your birthday!" He says chuckling.

"Oh don’t worry, I am, I just forgot a lot of it at home." I say giggling.

"Pheew ok good. I was gonna say, birthday girl needs her cash!" Trevor says and we start laughing harder, followed by Olive.

"Anyway, maybe we can go around the mall together?" Trevor asks after we finish. I smile at the invitation.

"Ok! I want to! Olivia?" I say looking to her.

"Yuss!" she responds with a smile.

"Alright! It will be fun!" Trevor exclaims.

"Hey umm me and Sam are going to the bathroom, k?" Kian and Sam say quietly. Wow. Totally forgot they were there…

"Oh ya sure, ok." Trevor responds and the two guys leave.

"Wow. Rude." Trevor says rolling his eyes.

"Yaa, umm… so do you know what's wrong with them? Because I'm pretty sure Taco Bell is at the other side of the food court..." I say.

"Ya. Were they avoiding us?" Olivia questions.

"Ugg, forget about them, they're just… worried." Trevor says, taking his arms off our shoulders, which I got used to being there. The warmth leaves my shoulders in a hurry.

"Why? Did I, or we, do something wrong?" I say with a concerned look.

"No. Its not you. Its, well, they're just a little… scared… of your dad. He has a lot of power on what we do. One hate tweet or comment on us and poof, were bad guys." He says. "I'm not scared though. I know Felix is a good guy." He smiles.

"Felix wouldn’t do that!" Olivia says, defending my dad.

"That’s what I keep saying to them! They wont believe me!" Trevor says with a sigh.

My dad would never do anything like that. I cant believe they would think that. After a moment of silence, Trevor looks at both of us.

"You know what? Those butts can tour the mall themselves. Lets go, just the three of us." He says.

"Are you sure they wont be mad?" Olivia says.

"I don’t care. They can go take there sorry asses somewhere else." He says, sassily. Me and Olivia laugh, and a noise comes from me. A dreaded noise. A snort. I gasp and I feel my cheeks go red. The other two laugh.

"Oh my god, that’s embarrassing…" I say covering my face with my hands.

"Awn no need to be embarrassed! Its cute." Trevor says, pulling my hands away from my face. I blush even more, then giggle while I look at my feet. Wait, since when did I like Trevor? I mean, I liked him before, but not in this way.

"Maybe you should text the guys to tell them we're ditching them." Olivia says to Trevor, breaking the silence.

"Sure." He takes out his iPhone and taps the screen.

"We are ditching you biaches! Talk to y'all when you start acting normal!" he reads what he typed, then presses send.

"Good! Oh ya! I don’t believe I have gotten you two's numbers yet. Mind giving me your contacts? We can chat it up." He says, giving me his phone.

"Sure!" Olivia and I say at the same time.

"Jinx! You owe me a sodaaa!" I exclaim and we laugh. Once Olive and I finish adding our contacts we start our journey around the mall. I walked between Trevor and Olivia, and I'm guessing to closely. Every once and a while Trevor would accidentally brush his hand on mine and I felt a tingle. Weird.

We talked, laughed and made jokes while we walked from one store to the other. It was really fun with Trevor. He's really funny!

Then, to end our fun, a familiar noise sounded from Trevor's pocket. He pulls out his phone.

"Noooooo! The guys are leaving now!" He says looking up from his phone.

"I don’t wanna gooo!" he says in a pouty tone.

"Hey! Maybe you can come to my place for a bit when my mom picks us up!" I say and he smiles.

"Ok. Fun!" he exclaims.

"Thanks guys, make plans right in front of me…" Olivia says sarcastically.

"Sorry Olive. I'm replacing you." I say and giggle. Trevor chuckles as Olivia makes a very sad frown.

"Jk Jk! I could never replace you gurl." I say, side hugging her.


"Ok so I texted the guys saying I'm going to yoouur house," he says pointing to me. "and they will pick me up at your house later."

"Kk. We should probably make our way back to the exit, my mom should be here now."

"But I don’t wanna leave Syd!" Olivia whines.

"I don’t want you to, either." I say and we start walking to the exit/entrance.


Hey people of the inter-web! Syd here! Just wantedto tell you something kinda important. Sydney is now 14. I know, I'm sorry for changing everything so much but it will help with the story later on, and add more content, so just wait and see! And also… sorry for not updating the actual story… schools a bitch! Anyway, hope you like the way the stories headed!



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