Because of you



1. Chapter 1

He gasped for air, when a burning pain exploded in his shoulder. He felt a hand grab his hair and pull his head back. He saw the white-hot iron hover way to close to his right eye.

“Now you know how hell feels!” His brother said with a low threatening voice. His sight was blurred as his eyes slid out of focus. He felt a hand slam down on his cheek and once again, he was denied the relieving darkness, which were just outside his reach. His eyes slid into focus again, and He looked at his brother’s face. The eyes where burning with anger and the face was stained with blood. Lucifer’s blood. The chains around his arms had him hanging from the walls. In the beginning, he didn’t see that as a problem, but now he couldn’t stand on his feet and the chains cut into his skin.

“So,” his brother started dramatically. “Shall we take the right.” He moved the iron to hover in front of Lucifer’s left eye. “Or the left eye?” Lucifer didn’t have the strength to react on the threat, though he was pretty sure that this monster his brother had become, wouldn’t have any troubles taking them both.

”Rafael? Stop it.” A powerful, not to mention angry voice reached Lucifer’s ear. He knew he knew that voice, but he just couldn’t place it. His brain wasn’t exactly working correctly at the moment.

“Why? You know what he did. We can’t just ignore that. Besides, Father told us to teach him a lesson,” Rafael answered.

“Look at him! You’ve taught him quite a few lessons already! He’s our brother, Rafael! Doesn’t that mean anything to you anymore?”

“He was banned. He fell. He is no more our brother!” Rafael snapped.

”So what? He is our brother, whether you like it or not, and I will not see to you hurting him like that! You were made to serve Father, I get that, but I was made to help him. To stop him when he doesn’t see he has gone off the tracks. And I see that now so stop that madness!”

Lucifer felt the darkness take over him and saving him away from the pain. Finally. He thought.

Lucifer felt something wet and cold on his forehead. That was the only thing he could feel so it felt quite fascinating. Then he suddenly heard a calm heartbeat and a calm breathing. He figured his hearing was returning. Carefully he opened his eyes and saw Michael’s worried face.

“Hey. I was starting to get a bit worried. How are you feeling?”

“I will be. The second I get my hands on that brother of ours!” Lucifer hissed as loud as he could, which he had to admit was quite pathetic.

“I’m sorry Luce. I don’t know what has gotten into him,” Michael said as if it was his fault. Lucifer closed his eyes so Michael wouldn’t see the pain, that suddenly ran through Lucifer’s body. He concentrated on not showing the pain. Maybe that was why he didn’t hear the new heartbeat.

“Gabe is fetching the bandages. I tried to talk to Father, but he slammed the door in Jesus’ face,” Asrael said.

“In Jesus’ face? That doesn’t sound right,” Michael said with a worried tone.

“No.” Asrael stood leaned against the cell door and looked at them.

“How’s he?” He asked Michael. Annoyed Lucifer opened his eyes.

“Well enough to answer for himself,” He snapped not liking being overseen.

“Sorry. I didn’t realize you where awake,” Lucifer’s brother smiled. It was weird. He should have been able to hear it by Lucifer’s breathing and heartbeat.

“Sure you did. What’s up with The White Guy?” Lucifer asked, not liking the idea of calling him God. Both Michael and Asrael sent him a warning look just before another shock of pain ran through Lucifer and once again, he closed hiseyes to hide it.

“He slammed the door in Jesus face. Father has given up on you, Luce,” Asrael said.

“Oh… So you mean he has stopped trying to control me?” Lucifer asked. Michael sighed.

“Umh… I’m sure he wouldn’t put it like that, but… yeah,” Asrael answered.

“That’s fine by me,” Lucifer said causing them both too sigh and shake their heads.

“He is refusing to talk to me too,” Asrael told Michael.

“You are going to get problems with Father, aren’t ya’?” Lucifer asked a smile crossing his face.

“You are not supposed to see that as funny! We are trying to help you here,” Michael said dipping the cloth he had used to dab Lucifer’s forehead in a bowl of water. He was sitting on a chair Lucifer didn’t remember being in the cell.

Suddenly Asrael jumped when a man showed up behind him.

“Oh, I’m sorry Asrael. I didn’t mean to frighten you!” the man apologized.

“No harm done. I should not have left my hearing in the bottom drawer,” Asrael said as the man passed him walking inside the cell. Michael sprang to his feat so the chair was free.

“Hi Lucifer. How are you feeling?” the man asked. Right in that same second a shock of pain much worse than any of those that had passed, went through Lucifer’s body. He shut his eyes closed and gasped loudly. So far he had been able to hide it, but this was too much. When it stopped, Lucifer tried to make it look like it was nothing. They didn’t look impressed.

“Not too bad,” Lucifer answered, hating the pain being hearable in his voice. Jesus shook his head before he turned towards Michael.

“May I?” he asked. Michael nodded and handed him the cloth. Then Jesus sat down on the chair and started dapping Lucifer’s forehead with the wet cloth.

“Oi! This is not a petting zoo!” Lucifer exclaimed indignantly. Jesus smiled.

“No,” he answered as he continued dapping Lucifer’s forehead.

Michael and Lucifer heard the new heartbeat at the same time and turned our heads towards the door. It was Gabe.

“Hello… I brought the bandages,” he said looking around.

“Thank you Gabriel. Can I have those?” Jesus asked. Gabe nodded and handed over the bandages.

“Thank you,” Jesus said, before he pulled the blankets covering Lucifer’s beaten body of the bed and put them on the floor.

“Dear God!” Jesus gasped when he saw the injuries covering Satans body. “This is going to hurt, Lucifer.”

“What do you mean?” Lucifer asked, an alarm going off in his head. It did hurt already. He didn’t want it to hurt more.

“What I said,” Jesus answered. “Do you want me to start with you back?” His back? Wait a minute! How was he even laying on his back? That shouldn’t be possible! Unless...

“No! No, no no, tell me he didn’t!” Lucifer shouted. No one met his searching eyes. He closed his eyes when the realization came over him. His brother had cut of his wings. HIS FREAKING WINGS!  Lucifer opened his eyes a furious fire burning in his blue eyes.

“Where is he?” Lucifer asked calmly. He knew he wouldn’t get any answers if he shouted.

“He’s out,” Asrael answered. Dammit! They knew him to well.

“Where the hell is that sorry excuse for a scarecrow?!” Lucifer shouted losing all patience. Angel wings took hundreds of years to just start grow back, if they were cut off!

“We’re not telling you, Luce,” Michael said.

“He cut off my wings and you are just going to let him be?!” Lucifer asked tears of pain, anger and disappointment filling his eyes, but he forced them away. He was not going to cry. He was a six billion years old fallen archangel for hells sake!

“I’ll take the back first,” Jesus decided. Then he slowly and painfully turned Lucifer over.

“Heavens!” It was Michael voice Lucifer heart above all the others. If Michael reacted like that, it was bad. Lucifer heard everybody’s heartbeat rise, before three of them left the cell, leaving only Lucifer and Jesus. Jesus dipped the cloth in water and started cleaning the wound. The pain was extreme and Lucifer couldn’t hold his reaction back. He screamed the pain out while Jesus kept apologizing. It hurt so bad he had never tried anything like it! And it just kept on hurting more and more.

“No, no! No more! Please stop!” Lucifer cried tears of pain running down his face, but he no longer cared. He just wanted the pain to stop. It didn’t. It kept on hurting long after Jesus was done and the pain just kept growing worse and worse, before Lucifer lost consciousness and the pain finally stopped.

“Luce? You awake?” Michael’s voice filled the room before Lucifer heard the heartbeat. He was laying on his stomach. Even though he had walked along the walls in the cell a million times, the pain was still tearing him down. He had been up walking to practice moving around like nothing happened. Of course, no one knew about this.

“Yep, sadly,” He answered. “Did you know how fun stone walls is?”

“I didn’t know they were fun?” Michael said confused.

“Well, then you are right. They aren’t. Actually, they are the most boring thing in all of Fathers creations,” Lucifer answered. Michael had come to the cell every day to keep him company, but Lucifer still felt so very alone. He had nothing against being alone. Unless he was trapped within four stonewalls.

“Okay. Father wants you in the meeting ground,” Michael said. Weird. What did He want? It had been seven weeks since Michael pulled Lucifer out of Rafael’s claws. When Jesus had cleaned the wound, Lucifer had stayed unconscious for over two weeks. That was how much it hurt. Cutting off an angel wings: very bad idea.

“Oh does he now?” Lucifer asked. “Well, then we can’t keep him waiting, can we?” He knew Michael would just drag him over there if he refused. Then it was better going with some dignity. Lucifer swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. Michael blinked surprised a couple of times before he smiled.

“You seem better,” he said.

“I’m fine,” Lucifer answered. He walked in front of Michael out of the dungeon. Who would have thought heaven had such a thing? Well, it did.

Outside the dungeon Lucifer’s other siblings – Rafael included – waited for him. Lucifer hissed at the sunlight burning his eyes before turning his shirtless back on Rafael. They all walked towards the meeting ground, which was actually just a rather large field. They stood there for five minutes, before it suited God showing himself. All Lucifer’s siblings fell to their knees. Lucifer kept standing. He had thrown him out of heaven. He was nothing to him but a pain in the ass.

“Lucifer, why do you think you are standing on you feet?” God asked.

“Well, you where the one not giving me paws,” Lucifer answered. He heard a snarl coming from Rafael. Rafael did whatever he was told. What an idiot wasting his time on being bossed around.

“Lucifer you have broken my most important rule!” God shouted angrily. Lucifer put up his surprised face.

“Really?” He asked before he let the mask fall. “Which one?” Lucifer saw pure fury burn in his Father’s eyes and he saw how the others – even Michael – bended their heads even more. One more inch, and their noses would be buried in the grass.

“You know which one!” God shouted.

“Dude, you have so many “most important rules” that I almost can’t take a step without breaking one. Now, if you would care to explain which one we are talking about, I’ll be happy to confess,” Lucifer answered in a calm voice, like the one you use on little kids that doesn’t understand a thing.

“That’s it! Lucifer I here by condemns you to live like a human, until your wings have fully grown back!” He shouted. Lucifer felt his jaw drop.

“What?! But that takes at least a decade! Are you out of your mind?!” he asked. He couldn’t be serious! Could he? Lucifer refused! He would rather spend more time chained to a wall in the company of Rafael. An he honestly didn’t know what rule his Father was talking about!

“No. This is my decision,” He said.

“Oh, I get it. You’re just crazy. Come on Jahve! They’re humans! I would never in bloody hell sink that low!” Lucifer shouted.

“Lucifer. Goodbye.” And just like that he was gone.

“You forgot something! I DON’T AGE!” Lucifer shouted after him. How the hell did he expect him to cover that up?

“Great Luce. Way to go,” Asrael said behind him.

“Couldn’t you just say sorry?” Michael asked. Lucifer looked shocked at him.

“You want me to apologize? About something I don’t even know what is? Do you know what I have done wrong?” He asked. Michael shook his head.

“Okay… Any of you?” No answer. Not even Rafael.

“Great. So you just follow his every order without even knowing why the order was given?”

“Of course,” Rafael answered.

“You just shut up!” Lucifer snarled. His patience with his older brother was hanging in a thin thread.

“Or what? You’re going to pray me to death? You are going to Earth! Praying is the closest you’re going to get to me!” Rafael said. Lucifer felt his patience snap, but luckily Michael interrupted.

“Rafael! Stop it! Don’t start a fight!” He said. “Okay Luce listen to me. There is a woman on Earth that will take care of you. She is under my protection. Please try not to get her killed.” Lucifer felt his jaw drop. Michael knew all along! He knew what God would do!

“You devil!” Lucifer hissed. Michael sighed.

“Her name is Ashika. Be nice to her,” he said. Lucifer almost choked.

“You are sending me, The Devil, Satan, to a girl named Hope against my will and asks me to be nice to her. Wow. I hate her already.”

“She’s pretty,” Gabe said behind Lucifer. Like that was going to make a difference!

“Is that supposed to mean anything to me?!” Lucifer asked.

“Oh… Sorry, I forgot you were a virgin. My bad,” Gabriel said with a very serious face. Only Gabriel was never serious. Rafael started laughing. Lucifer smiled at Gabriel.

“Yes, exactly. You’re bad. And besides,” he turned to face Rafael. “I’m proud of it. Laugh all you want.” He felt a hand on his shoulder.

“That’s good Luce. You shouldn’t let such bagatelles annoy you.” Lucifer turned to face his oldest brother. Michael looked at him with sad eyes.

“I don’t see the point in two things. One: Sex. Two: This conversation. When, and how, am I supposed to travel to Earth?” Lucifer asked annoyed by the sadness in Michael’s eyes. Michael looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Now. The Holy Spirit will take you.” Lucifer stared shocked at him.

“Now? In this?” He asked looking down at himself. Rafael had destroyed his shirt and tossed it away. Lucifer’s black pants where bloodstained and stiff from dry blood. His own blood.

“Yes,” Michael answered.

“Never in hell! And I am as sure as hell not traveling to Earth with an invisible pigeon!” Lucifer stated. Michael sighed.

“Would you like me to carry you, then?” he asked. That was a no of to reasons. One: It would make Lucifer look weak. Two: It would be extremely painful. Even now he felt the pain.

“No thanks, then I’ll rather take the pigeon,” he answered.

“Good.” Michael stated. “Then The Holy Spirit will take you.”

Lucifer stood in a kitchen. Not exactly what he had expected. Why could an invisible pigeon not at least drop Satan off on the porch? What if there was no one home? That would sure be interesting. Suddenly Lucifer heard a huge crash behind him and he spun around his eyes reaching the four – well it was dishes – on the floor. Then he looked up at the woman in front of him. Not much could surprise the Devil, but this woman did. She looked frightened at him, but apart from that, she was absolutely stunning. Her hair fell in fiery red curls down her back and shoulders. Her face was incredibly beautiful and the freckles sure didn’t make her any uglier. She was wearing a white button-up shirt and a pair of tight black jeans. Her wide emerald eyes starred into his blue before they wandered down his shirtless upper body, widening even more when she saw the scars that had still not healed. She was… No! She was not perfect! She was a human! And apart from that there are no such thing as perfect! Lucifer was shocked from his own thoughts. And why the hell couldn’t he hear her heartbeat or her breathing? He tried to listen to her thoughts, but was immediately pushed out of her head. She didn’t even seem to know what was going on. How was that even possible? Lucifer send an angry thought to his father. He had always been able to hear human’s thoughts.

“Are… Are you Lucifer?” she asked.

“Are you Ashika?” Lucifer asked. Ashika nodded. How did he get here? Suddenly he was just there! And how didn’t he look! He had scaring all over his chest and stomach. Immediately she started looking for wounds, that needed caring. His face seemed okay. Better than okay. She pushed the thought away. His hair was dark brown of color. His eyes had most incredible blue color. Such beautiful eyes. His face was perfect. Nothing needed repairing there. She started to walk around him so she could see his back. She saw his head turn so he could follow her with his eyes as she walked. She gasped and put a hand for her mouth, when she saw the wounds on his back. They where still healing and she was surprised he could even walk. His brother had said she should be aware, that when an angel’s wings are cut off, the wounds heal very slowly. The wounds on Lucifer’s back looked almost new, but they needed cleaning, that was sure.

“Finding anything interesting back there?” Lucifer asked. Ashika tilted her head to get a better look at the wounds.

“I’ve got to get those cleaned,” she said. Suddenly she was pinned against the wall. Lucifer held her hands above her head and used his body to keep her from moving. She could see anger and pain, but also fear, in his beautiful eyes. Seeing the fear made her calm. If he was scared, she could deal with it.

“You will not touch me, is that understood?!” he hissed.

“Yes. Sorry. If you let me go I can find you something for the pain,” she said calmly.

“What do you mean?” Lucifer asked surprised. Why the hell didn’t the human get scared? The Devil himself had her pinned against a wall and she just talk about something for the pain, whatever that meant. Ashika saw the expression in his face change from anger to confused.

“It’s a pill that takes the pain away so it don’t hurt. Should I get some?” She asked. He looked at her with his incredible blue eyes.

“Take the pain away?” he asked with a confused expression.

“Exactly. Haven’t you heart of painkillers before?” she asked.

“No. In hell you’re supposed to feel pain,” he said finally letting go of her. She smiled at him.

“Well then it is good you ended up on earth, huh?” she asked perfectly aware of him being only a few inches away. He was incredible fast. She hadn’t even seen him move before he had her pinned against the wall. She looked at his upper body his chest only a few inches from her nose. Small scars and wounds covered his body.

“Can I clean some of those, then?” she asked her eyes not leaving his body. He was well trained and she didn’t for a second think he wasn’t as strong as he looked.

“No,” Lucifer answered. “I’m perfectly fine without your help.” She looked up at him again meeting those beautiful eyes of his. He didn’t like her. She felt that very clear.

“Okay. Suit yourself,” she said walking pass him to pick up the shattered dishes.

“You brother left a bag in the guestroom for you. The bathroom is the door on the right, coming from you room in case you wanted to take a shower,” she said. Looking at him. He looked lost. Like someone standing in the middle of a forest and not knowing how to get out.

“Uhm… where is my room?” he asked as if asking for help was the worst thing in the universe. Men. They were the same whether they were human or not.

“That door and then it’s the door at the end of the corridor.” She answered before she threw the shattered dishes in the trash. She didn’t hear him leave, but when she turned around he was gone. She shook her head. How was he going to make people think he was a human if he didn’t even know what painkillers was? This was a bigger job than she had thought. It wasn’t like she wanted the Devil in her house, but one did just not say no to an angel.

“Uhm… how do you get dry after taking a shower?” Lucifer asked sowing up in the door. Ashika starred at him.

“How do you usually get dry after taking a shower?” she asked.

“Well, in heaven you’re only wet if you want to be and in hell you aren’t wet for long,” he answered.

“Oh, okay. On earth we use a towel,” she told him. She saw how his face got blank.

“Where are they?” he asked. She smiled at him.

“Under the sink. Anything else you want to know?”

“No. I’m fine,” he answered.

“Do that man know the words “thank you”?” she whispered.

“No. Not in my vocabulary. Just as the word “sorry”. “ She jumped when he answered. She really hadn’t spoken that loud!

“How in the world did you just do that?” she asked. She had read devils could read minds, but had never believed it… But could they? “Did you read my mind?” He laughed. It was a beautiful sound, but it annoyed her that he was laughing at her.

“No, I didn’t read your mind. For some reason I can’t. But, I can however hear you,” he told her before leaving. She just stared after him. He could read minds. But not hers. But he had heard her. So he was a superhearing, mindreading fallen archangel now? Only God new what she had gotten herself into.

The bag Michael had left for Lucifer contained clean clothes and the pair of gray sweatpants he always slept in. Lucifer looked at the watch. It was eight already. That meant no need to put on shirt and pants. Lucifer pulled a black T-shirt he had never seen before out of the bag. Then he grabbed the sweatpants along with a pair of clean boxers and walked in side the bathroom.

“If you really have superhearing, you should know we are going to church tomorrow.” Lucifers jaw dropped.

“No way in hell I’m going inside any kind of church!” Lucifer shouted back.

“No swearing in my house!” Ashika exclaimed.

“Oh, okay. No way in hell I’m going inside any kind of house with big pointy things making awful ding-dong sounds!” Lucifer shouted back at her. He was surprised to hear her laugh at that. He hadn’t meant to be funny. Actually he was incredible bored and was trying to annoy her.

“Devilish humans,” he snarled before taking of his pants and boxers. He turned the water on and fetched a towel from under the sink.

“Oh, so that’s what it is!” he mumbled. He had seen a towel before, but he had never known what they were fore. Lucifer walked in the shower and sighed happily feeling the hot water pour down over his body.

Ashika heard the water from the shower the second she turned off the tap. She sighed. He had to let her clean those wounds. They would only get worse. And how in the world was she going to get him inside a church? How in the world did you get the Devil to do anything? She only knew one who had done that: God. And since she was not God, she didn’t have any kind of idea how to get Lucifer in the church.

“Are you hungry?” she asked. He could hear it he had proven that already.

“Depends!” He shouted.

“What about lasagna?” She asked seeing the ingredients in the fridge.

“Not a clue, but sounds Italian!” She smiled at the answer. What did they eat in hell?

“It is,” she answered and took the ingredients and put them on the counter.

When the meat was ready, she got ready to putt the lasagna together. Suddenly she felt someone looking at her. She spun around finding herself starring into Satan’s impossible blue eyes. He was leaning against the wall looking at her. He was wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and a tight black shirt revealing his muscular upper body. His hair was almost dry.

“Hello there,” she said. “Are you spying on my?”

“Hi. What are you doing?” he asked walking closer to look at the food.

“I’m cooking lasagna.” Ashika looked at him while he studied the food. He was very beautiful. And that made him if possible even more dangerous.

“How?” he asked. She smiled.

“First you take some lasagna noodles and put them in the bottom of the platter.” She saw the lost expression on his face. If he didn’t know what lasagna was, how would he know what lasagna noodles was. She pointed at the package.

“That is lasagna noodles.” She said. She waited while he did as she told him. He was actually very good at it.

“Then you take some meat and put on top of that.” Once again she watched as he did as she had told him to.

“Very good. Now take some of that,” she pointed at the cheese sauce. “But not much!” She exclaimed before he had even grabbed the spoon.

“Would you relax?” he asked annoyed.

“Yes, sorry. It’s just rather important.” He rolled his eyes before carefully putting the sauce on the lasagna.

“Now what?” he asked.

“Then you do it again,” she said. He nodded before he put a new layer of lasagna noodles on top of the sauce. She watched him a little, before she walked to kitchen table, sat down on a chair and watched his back as he cooked.

Satan is cooking me dinner! The thought just popped up in her head and made her smile. She did what she could not to laugh so she wouldn’t disturb him. It was actually a scaring thought, but he didn’t seem scary. Only beautiful.  And very, very dangerous.

“Now what?” he asked turning around to look at her. “And why the hell are you smiling?”

“It was just a thought. Now you take the platter and put it inside the oven,” she said. He nodded, turned around and put the platter inside the oven.

“Now what?” He asked again. She smiled.

“Now we wait.” He nodded and came to sit on the chair across from her. He looked her in the eyes and she saw a playfulness in there. Like a puppy. A very dangerous puppy. He was planning something.

“I’m not going to church,” he stated. Suddenly she saw a flash of pain run over his face, but he quickly hid it. It was only there for a second and she was amazed how good an actor he was.

“The pain is getting worse,” she guessed.

“What pain?” he asked confused. A very good actor.

“I’m a doctor. I know what pain looks like. You are in pain and it’s getting worse,” she stated.

“You. Are. A. Doctor.” He said very slowly. “Of course you are a doctor.” He sure didn’t look amused.

“Yes. Now tell me from a scale from one to ten how much does it hurt?” She asked. Lucifer looked her deep in her eyes. Ashika felt all the will to not do as he said disappeared. Definitely very dangerous. He held her yes like that for two seconds before he dropped the mask. His face showed her nothing else but pain. An incredibly pain. She was filled with shock. How in the world had he wandered around like nothing when it hurt so bad?

“Alright. That’s it.” She got up and walked to her room. When she returned he sat leaned back  against the wall waiting for her.  She walked up to him and put two pills of the strongest painkillers she had in front of him along with a class of water.

“Take these,” she ordered. She could see he was annoyed about being bossed around, but he did as he was told.

“They’ll help within ten minutes. Next time you tell me if it hurts!” She demanded. He smiled at her, but he hadn’t been able to hide the pain in his eyes again.

“Please promise me that.” It hurt seeing him in pain. No one should be in pain, not even the Devil.

“I can’t. About that church,” he said.

“Why is it you want to talk about that church?” she said. Didn’t she hate them?

“Distraction. Plus I’m bored,” he answered.

“Well, we are going,” she said. Lucifer smiled. Stubborn. But not as stubborn as him.

“Nope. No way in hell I’m going inside a church.” She seemed to think about that statemend.

“All right. On one condition,” she said. Ha! I win. Lucifer thought. “I get to clean your wounds.” No way in hell he would let her even touch him! He sprang to his feet and put his ahnds on the table leaning forward so he stood in a very threading position. But why didn’t the Hope girl get scared? She just looked at him with sad eyes.

“I can sedate it so it won’t hurt. So you won’t feel it,” she continued. “The pain is only going to get worse and at one point the painkillers won’t work anymore. Why won’t you let me clean it?”

“Don’t you dare touch me!” Lucifer snarled at her, but she could still see the pain in his eyes. Her heart raced, but she tried her best not to let it show. Wow that man, or Devil, or angel or whatever, was very scary!

Lucifer grew more and more frustrated at the situation. The pain was eating him up. He couldn’t read the girls mind or hear her heartbeat. Nothing could tell if she was scared or not except for her face. And going by that she was very calm.

“Why?” She simply asked. How could she not be scared? He was the Goddamn Devil! Literally! But what the hell was he going to answer her?

“Because you are a filthy human, for hells sake!” He shouted.

“I’m only trying to help you!” She shouted as she stood up from the chair. He saw the tears in her eyes.

“I’m having Satan sleep in my house, I’m making sure he get’s food and shelter and I’m even willing to release him of some of the pain! Do you hear me? I’m having the freaking Devil sleep inside my house! I go to church every Sunday! I pray every day not to be lead to temptation! I was born and raised to hate you, but I still let you in my house! And you don’t have a single “thank you” to say! You only shout at me! If you don’t want my help, fine, but you are either letting me clean those wounds and say “thank you” or coming with me to church tomorrow. Your pick!” Lucifer felt the rage crawling up from his stomach.

“I DON’T BLOODY CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME! I don’t even want to be here! And I sure as hell don’t want you to clean anything, you know why? ‘Cause it bloody hurts, and I’m going to tell you from experience: It’s worse than hell!” Lucifer snarled almost whispering after having raised his voice.

“You miss home,” she stated. “And you are scared of the pain. I understand, but I’m telling you: It’s only going to get worse. Please let me help you!” Lucifer blinked. How the hell was she this calm? Ashika saw his nostrils widen and feared he would get even madder, but instead he sunk down on the chair.

“Fine,” He said. She breathed relieved.

“Thank you,” she said.


Please note that english is not my first language, so please let me know how i did ;-)

I'll only continue this story if you like it, so please tell :-)

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