Caleb a young vampire decides to hatch a crazy plan to have revenge on a old vampire hunter, but he may get more than what he bargained for...


4. What to do next

   Caleb drove into the darkest places of the new city where street lamps were few and far between.  
   "Good I need my friend the darkness more than ever," he thought, feeling the stiffness of his bloody shirt. 
   It was quiet now. It was only the steady drone of the car engine and the faint noise of people streets away from this degraded part. The newborn has quietened, the clawing and screaming had stopped. 
   "Probably sleeping off his transformation," Caleb sighed. "What the hell am I going to do with him?" His mind went over the disastrous mission in horrifically vivid and distorted detail. Pleasure mixed with the fragility of his own version of mortality. His side seemed to ache with memory of being speared with that damned wooden stake. 
   Caleb knew who to turn to, she always helped him even if it is to just curse the day she changed him. He grinned she was sure not going to be happy in fact it's probably the worst trouble he had been in in a while. 
   He laughed as he pulled up in front of some slanted, grimy apartment blocks with broken windows. 
   Caleb stopped the car, he swung the door open and got out, mock inhaling the chilly air that smelt of cigarette smoke, alcohol and gasoline. 
   He went to the boot of the car and opened the boot slowly getting a glimpse of a blood splattered child, or to Caleb he was a child, fast asleep. He swung it completely open that jolted the car upwards. 
    It woke Tom. 
   His closed eyes shot open bloodshot and had changed from blue to complete white with a light silver ring that marked out the iris and a pin-point pupil. He squealed in fright and retreated further into the boot. 
   "What kind of bloody vampire squeals like that huh? Get out!" Caleb said sharply but Tom shook his head in defiance. Caleb clenched his teeth and said "Fine you can stay in there." He slowly began to close the boot when Tom scrambled forward and pushed his way out. Falling to the hard ground. 
   "Is fall even in the actions of a vampire?" Caleb thought in dismay. Watching Tom pick himself up. He brushed down his clothes in a cautious manner, the dirt now covered his hands.  Tom was again all jittery and trembling. He growled at Caleb hungrily and glanced down the street.
   He knew what was going through the newborn's head. 
   "Don't bother debating about running away I will only catch you and drag you back here. You can come with me inside." He pointed to the apartments. "Or you can run and I will simply shove you back into the boot again, understand?" 
   Tom stood thinking about the situation and wondering if this was real and he felt so thirsty it hurt! He could feel tears spring to his eyes from ache in his throat. He nodded. 
   "Good choice," Caleb said and immediately started towards the run-down apartments. Tom quickly followed. 

Inside the building was worse with the smell of mouldering walls and broken furniture, defecations from previous squatters. The wallpaper has peeled away like an old scab from a wound revealing the yellowing flesh beneath. It was scrawled all over with terrible graffiti. Occasionally they would catch a flash of yellowish or green eyes watching the pair from the dark.  A half broken staircase twisted its broken vertebrae upwards to the top levels. 
   "Up here," Caleb grunted his head tilted up at the stairs. 
   Tom looked from the staircase to Caleb and mumbled "It looks dangerous", in a scared tone. 
   Caleb turned and smirked in response at him. 
   "Dangerous ha! We are vampires this is no dangerous, unstable staircase to us like it is to humans. This is simply a normal staircase." He gained one step and shouted "Follow me or the rats will eat you!" 
   Reluctantly Tom followed testing the first creaking step.  He placed his weight gently onto it before going onto the next step. 
   He saw Caleb was two or three steps ahead climbing; no he glided over the steps with ease as if he had no weight and was simply hovering over them. 
   "Hurry up," he snapped at Tom. "Run quickly up them you're a vampire not a pathetic human." 
   Tom felt embarrassment flare up inside and took the steps more quickly gaining speed. He felt like he was flying, the steps nearly a blur of lines. There a loud crack like that of a whip and Tom's foot shot through the splintered wood of the step. He opened his mouth to scream, his arms flailing when a rough hand grasped his hand. 
   It pulled him up onto the landing. 
   "Forgot to tell you there was a dodgy step," Caleb said letting go of Tom's hand. He got up and crossed the landing with Tom stumbling behind. 
   Something moved, suddenly detaching itself from the wall. Tom hardly registered it was as large as a man when it chocked him from behind. He screamed and kicked. 
   "Rixton let him go he's with me," Caleb said and Tom felt the stranglehold loosen slowly. He stepped away towards Caleb. He turned to his attacker who moved forward into a lighter part of the landing. 
   "I didn't realise he was with you," Rixton said in a deep, gruff voice. His face was dirty but it emphasised his hooked nose, stern mouth and his eyes that shone brightly in the dark. He stepped forward showing his very tall and strangely slender looking frame.  He bowed down to them.
   "Your majesty," he added. 
   Tom was confused and repeated "majesty?" It sounded like an odd word to address someone like Caleb. He didn't seem to be made of royal material at all. He saw Caleb frown. 
"That's okay," he replied slowly. His eyes met Thomas's. "Guess you should know that I am the vampire prince."

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