Caleb a young vampire decides to hatch a crazy plan to have revenge on a old vampire hunter, but he may get more than what he bargained for...


2. The break-in

Grappling with the prey was the hardest part. And even then it wasn’t that hard when it was some boy, who barely registered what was happening until Caleb’s fangs has punctured his jugular vein.
   The other vampire was downstairs taking care of the other family members swiftly before the vampire hunter came home. Then finally the hunter will know what it was to lose everything. 
  Blood lust overtakes every one of Caleb’s faculties until it is burning through his very veins, he grips the boy tighter who starts to go limp. Quenching a vampire’s thirst could be compared to a man drowning,  as he is starting to use up the last of the oxygen remaining in his lungs he is suddenly given a single last breath of extra air to gulp down. That extra breath was hot blood for a vampire. 
   Trapped in the enjoyment Caleb didn't hear movement behind him. A gruff hand brushes against his shoulder and in a split second he drops the boy. Narrowly missing the wooden stake that was intent on piercing his still heart. However it did pierce his side and drove all the way through so the tip protruded from his back. 
    Caleb roared in anger and tried to take the stake out which proved difficult as it was ridged with sharp metal spikes that snagged on the muscle. The hunter got another stake ready and swung that down but Caleb deflected it with his free arm. 
   Meanwhile the boy’s heavy breathing and hoarse cries accompanied the fierce fighting. Caleb rammed his fist into the hunter’s side who grunted, gritting his teeth in pain. Instead of giving in the hunter quickly smacked the end of the stake stuck in Caleb’s side so the vampire was temporarily distracted, he pushed his arm against Caleb’s throat, he readied the stake. Caleb stared in terror of the stake that suddenly loomed over the place where his heart laid. The hunter’s face was grim with determination for one moment, the next his eyes bulged out, his mouth went slack with shock. His arms dropped, blood sprayed across his features. 
   Caleb grinned slightly thinking it was the other vampire but was shocked to see the boy’s face. His eyes wild, the pupils completely dilated as he made his first kill. It was messy, the boy was like a rabid dog biting multiple times to get to the blood more quickly and tearing his newly formed claws raggedly across the hunter’s skin. 
   Caleb slipped away but stopped to pull the stake out wincing, he dropped it to the floor. The boy had dropped the hunter’s body around the same time. He stood there dazed staring at the wall. His messy black hair curled in front of his face, his skin now pale as a corpse with light blue veins visible on the surface. He was panting for breath he no longer needed. 
   “Stupid boy,” Caleb thought and proceeded to leave him when a horrible feeling of abandonment struck him. He turned and looked back at the boy. “Shit,” he said shaking his head unable to get rid of that terrible feeling.  He walked up to the boy and took him by the shoulders. He dragged him away from the scene. “I can’t leave you in this state, come on.” 
    “He’s dead.” 
   “Yes very dead now we have to leave,” Caleb replied with urgency, pulling him down the stairs. He saw the vampire’s burnt outline with the stake pointed upwards in the hallway as they went out into the dark, starless night. 


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