Caleb a young vampire decides to hatch a crazy plan to have revenge on a old vampire hunter, but he may get more than what he bargained for...


3. blood lust

They had gotten into Caleb’s car and drove off into the night and reached a service station.  Where the boy whose name was actually Tom threw the door open and heaved up the contents of his stomach into some nearby hedges. 
   Caleb got out clearly frustrated and paced impatiently up and down. 
   “What am I going to do? What am I going to do?” he repeated the frustration staining his words. He kicked the car leaving a dent on the side and swore loudly. Tom was watching him, shaking not from the cold because he couldn’t feel any but from something else. 
   Caleb glared at Tom with disgust. “What am I going to do with you?” 
   Tom looked frightened, his eyes were glowing red and the fangs protruded from his mouth. He shrank away slightly. Caleb stopped pacing and ran a hand through his brown hair. A foul odour hit his nose. 
    “Urgh what’s that smell?” he exclaimed wrinkling his nose. “Oh no your body has rejected all your human waste, I forgot that part of the transformation.” His voice had softened. “Come over here” 
   Tom was reluctant at first but stepped towards Caleb who gave him a look over. He went to the boot of his car and opened it. He took out a fist full of clothing. 
   “Here are some spare clothes I have, the other one used to laugh at me for taking spare clothes saying it wasn’t a fashion show. This just shows how wrong he was.” He hands the clothes to Tom and adds. “Clean yourself up and meet me at the car.” 

Tom took this opportunity and rushed to the bathroom in seconds. He glanced at a mirror to see how bad his appearance really was. Yet there was nothing to be seen in the glass and Tom’s face contorted into confusion, it was like he was invisible. 
   “I must be dreaming,” he said to himself, nodding in agreement. “Yeah this is a nightmare, I will wake up soon.” He gripped the metal sink the nails indenting it. There was the squeak of hinges and a rather large man walked in, his huge belly hung over his jeans and he wore a black t-shirt with a skull on it. He swaggered in not really noticing Tom at first. The sickly smell of blood made Tom’s mouth water and he pounced. The man gave a startled cry and held up his flabby arms to protect himself. This did nothing and Tom was soon tearing into him. The blood filled his mouth and he gulped it down greedily, he closed his eyes enjoying the wonderful taste. He was in heaven 

   A pair of hands grabbed him and jerked him away from his prey severing the connection. Tom lashed out his claws slashing across the assailant’s face. He twisted and saw Caleb’s bleeding face.  Caleb pinned Tom’s arms behind his back, there were footsteps outside, and someone was coming to the entrance of the bathroom. No doubt the man’s companion. Caleb exited through the fire door taking a growling, hungry new-born with him. 

   “Let go of me!” Tom shouted and the shouts that followed were muffled by Caleb’s hand. His eyes were bright red having freshly killed and he fought to get to more blood. 
    Caleb got to the car, he opened the boot. He pushed the squirming vampire into the boot whose legs kicked out and made it more difficult. But Caleb was used to capturing rogue vampires who were fully grown,having to lock a mad new-born into a car boot would be nothing. He slammed the boot down. There were angry, alarmed cries and the sound of rapid clawing coming from inside. 
   He calmly walked to the front passenger seat, started the engine and drove away. 

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