Harry Potter's Future

This is Harry Potter's future


2. Work day

Ginny and Harry have a early start for work. They have to be at The Ministry of Magic at 2 AM. They work 6 hrs./5 days a week. They make the Daily Prophet. Hermione works at The Ministry of Magic and she works the same time that Ginny and Harry work. So they see her almost all the time. Hermione says "Oh, hi Harry and Ginny. Good to see you this morning." Harry says "Good to see you too Hermione." They hangout for a bit, then Harry asks "So where's Ron?" Hermione says "He's at the house taking care of the letters." Soon they were off of work at 8 AM.

Then when they were going home, Hermione suddenly catches up with them and asks if Harry talked with Draco much. Harry says "No I haven't." "Oh." Hermione says "Ok, then I guess that I should get back home to see my son and Ron, see you guys later." So then they got home to see their daughter, Lily. Then at 12 PM, they met up with Hermione and Ron at The Three Broomsticks to have lunch and Butter-beer. Then they talked about Hogwarts. Harry says "So Where's Neville?" Hermione says "No one knows where he is." Ron says "Yeah we've been trying to reach him. But we had no luck Harry." Then they had a wonderful lunch. Then Harry and Ginny went home at 2 PM, They got a early dinner with their daughter Lily and went to The Three Broomsticks. Harry and Ginny had Butter-beer while Lily had Milk. Hermione and Ron and their son Hugo went to a dinner at The Three Broomsticks and the three of them all got Butter-beer. Harry and Ginny finished dinner at 5 PM while Hermione and Ron finished at 7 PM. Then Harry, Ginny and Lily had another dinner to go to which was hosted at Neville's house at 9 PM and then went home at 11 PM. Then Hermione, Ron and Hugo went to another dinner at their house and finished at 12AM and tomorrow was the weekend so neither Harry, Ginny or Hermione didn't have work. That way they would sleep in. Lily was having nightmares about a new enemy named Lucy, who is Voldemort's daughter.

So Lily was screaming Harry's and Ginny's name " Dad! Mom!" Then Harry and Ginny ran into Lily's room and Harry asks "What's wrong Lily?" "Another nightmare?" She nodded. Then Ginny came to Lily and asks "What was your nightmare about Lily?" Lily tells them about the nightmare she had. "Dad, Mom, it was Voldemort's daughter." Harry murmurs to himself "Oh great, then I guess that I have another enemy to face." Harry decided to go to Ron and Hermione's and tell them the news.

At Ron and Hermione's, Harry tells them about Lily's nightmare. "We have a new enemy to face." Ron says "Who is it Harry?" Ginny says "Lucy." Hermione says "And that is." "Voldemort's daughter." Ginny replied. So they got in their cars and rounded up all of those who survived in The Battle of Hogwarts.

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