Harry Potter's Future

This is Harry Potter's future


3. The Discussion

They went to Neville's to recruit what's left of Dumbledore's army to discuss the new enemy they are going to face.

Harry says "Ok is everybody here?" They all nodded even Neville. "Ok, we have a new enemy to face. It's Voldemort's daughter." Right as he said that, everyone gasps. "It's ok, it was a accident." They start planning where she is. Harry says to all of them "Her name is Lucy and she has death eaters with her, so we have to be carful." Neville understood Harry.

Neville said pointing at Utah on the map. "There she is." Harry said "Alright, let's go." Everybody got ready their broomsticks and launched into the sky, their hair whipping behind them. Hermione says " I see her." There was a woman with a black robes and hood on and a couple of others with black robes and hoods and silver masks. Known as 'Death Eaters'.

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