Harry Potter's Future

This is Harry Potter's future


4. The Battle of the Muggle World

Lily got her wand ready, it was a Dragon Heartstring, just like her fathers' wand. Then Harry said to Lily "Ready." "Ready." She said. Lily jumped off Harry's broomstick. Harry and the others were fighting the Death Eaters and Lily was going to fight Lucy. "You were in my dream." Lily said. "Your father killed my father when he was 17." Lucy said. Lily pointed her wand at Lucy and said "Up." and Lucy was lifted up and Lily looked over at the others and they killed all the Death Eaters.

Then Harry said "Kill her Lily." She spoke the killing curse and Lucy's face was taken off her neck. Harry said to Lily looking down on her "You did the right thing Lily." Lily smiled and looked up to her father and everyone cheered, even Harry and Lily. Then they all went to The Three Broomsticks to celebrate their victory.

Then they all went home and Lily will remember that they won the battle.

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