Harry Potter's Future

This is Harry Potter's future


1. A New Day

After defeating Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry had thoughts going on about what he is going to do now with Voldemort defeated and Hogwarts rebuilt. Harry says to Ginny "what are we going to now with Voldemort defeated?"

"Well, Harry we could hang out at Hermione and Ron's place." Harry and Ginny drove to Ron and Hermione's. Harry and Ron played Qiudditch while Ginny and Hermione were talking inside. "So Ginny, what are you two going to do now while your children are at Hogwarts?" "We don't know yet for now."

Harry and Ron come inside and Harry asks what the four of them are going to do. Hermione says while looking at Ron and then back at Harry "We're going to go out for dinner tonight." Ginny says to Ron and Hermione " Harry and I are going to HoneyDukes to get some sweets." So Harry and Ginny left Hermione and Ron's place and head to HoneyDukes. Then they head to their house and it's 11 pm when they get home. Ginny closes the door. Soon they both went up stairs and went to bed.

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