Torn between love and hate

When Lisy's best friend, Sammy tells her about a new webpage called hiden world! Lisy isn't sure at first but when she does sign up. She wastes months on the same website talking to the same guy. She hardly goes out and she is slowly losing her best friend, Sammy. But Lisy doesn't know that's exactly what Dean wants, he has no reason why. He's just doing it for the fun of it, but when Sammy finds out there is no profile or traces of him on the hiden world site. She tells Lisy straightaway but Lisy is already in love to listen or care. But the question is, who is Dean?


2. Chapter Two

Sammy was right about one thing, I hadn't left the house in months. Hiden world had given me a great new insight into a world of people, just like me. It's a place for me to go and hide away, away from my life and the troubles that seem to follow me everywhere I go no matter how fast I run.

I told all this to Dean, I told him everything and anything about my life. I felt like I could trust him, anything I said to him and he told me everything about him too. There was no secrets, it was like we were made for eachother. Somebody knocked on the door loudly downstairs, I think Kris answered it because he said loudly-loud enough for me to hear. "OH, HI SAMMY" he more or less screamed "IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR LISY, I'M AFRAID SHE'S BEEN SWALLOWED UP BY THE WEB AGAIN" I sighed "be right back" I tyed to Dean "friend over" and I went downstairs. I pushed Kris to the side "move it" I said "I'm here now" Kris laughed "wow, finally you tear yourself away from the computer for just a few seconds-wow I'm impressed" "just go away" I snapped "just leave us alone" Kris walked away laughing and me and Sammy went upstairs into my bedroom.

"I hate him" I said "he's always on my case" "who is?" asked Sammy standing by my bookshelf "who do you think?" I said "Kris" "you know hate is a strong word" said Sammy walking to my computer, but it's ok because I've closed the chat tab. But suddenly Sammy stopped and read something on my screen "what are you reading?" I said "your message to Dean" she said "you typed be right back, friend over why didn't you type my friend?" Ok, so I guess I didn't close the chat tab. "Does it matter?" I said "how can you say that?" said Sammy "I've been your friend for all your life and how long have you been chatting to Dean, I think I know you a lot better then he does" "Dean does know me" I said "and I know him, do you want to see what he looks like?" "I want to say no" said Sammy "but I'm too curious so I say yes" "great" I said and I clicked on his profile and showed her his photo. "Isn't he cute?" I said taking in his beautiful dark, hazel eyes and black, curly hair. With his cute, little dimples. "Hmm, he's not really my cup of tea" said Sammy "but you like him and you're happy and I like to see you happy" "I'm more then happy" I said "I think I'm in love" "how long have you been chatting to this Dean?" asked Sammy "only six months so far" I said "but it feels so right, it feels like we've known eachother all our lives" "you mean to tell me you've been chatting to him online on your mobile even when your out with me in the pass month or so?" said Sammy "yes" I said then I saw the look of shock on her face "I didn't think you'd mind, you were too busy with other things to worry about me anyway" "that's not the point" she said "I'm your best friend, me not that stupid Dean guy" "he's not stupid" I said "he's very clever" "he seems stupid to me in my eyes" she said "how much do you know about him anyway?" "quite a lot" I said "and he knows a lot about me too, six months is a lot of time to get to know someone" "even if it means shutting out your best friend?" she said "I'm not shutting you out" I said "it seems that way from where I'm standing" she said "but  nevermind, you carry on talking to Dean-just don't come crying to me when it all goes wrong...I'm off" and she started to walk away "no, Sammy wait" I said grabbing her arm "don't go" "I think one day, Lisy" she said "one day soon, you're going to realize that I'm only doing this for you" "doing what?" I said confused "I'm not going to hang out with you for a while" she said "our friendship is what do you call it? Oh yeah, on hold...sorry" and she walked downstairs and outside.

I heard Kris laughing loudly downstairs at something on the blaring telly. But he was already getting on my wick by doing nothing so, I shouted down the stairs at him "SHUT UP!" Kris was standing by the livingroom door "sorry" he smirked at me "did you say something?" I really wanted to go down them and hit that smirk off his face but then I knew he would clobber me back twice as hard "Oh, just shut up!" I said instead "Hey, it's not my fault you and your little friend fell out" he teased "whatever did you say to her, she walked out like a ball of angry storm" "it's nothing to do with you" I said "and as if I'd tell you anything anyway" and I stormed off back into my bedroom and I could hear Kris walking away downstairs and laughing to himself like a foo againl, which he is a fool anyway.  This is not Dean, it just how I see him with dark, hazel eyes and black not brown curly hair.







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