Torn between love and hate

When Lisy's best friend, Sammy tells her about a new webpage called hiden world! Lisy isn't sure at first but when she does sign up. She wastes months on the same website talking to the same guy. She hardly goes out and she is slowly losing her best friend, Sammy. But Lisy doesn't know that's exactly what Dean wants, he has no reason why. He's just doing it for the fun of it, but when Sammy finds out there is no profile or traces of him on the hiden world site. She tells Lisy straightaway but Lisy is already in love to listen or care. But the question is, who is Dean?


3. Chapter Three

Dean was always there for me, a day didn't go by without us talking to eachother online. He always seemed to be online even when I wasn't, there always seemed to be a small blue square to say he was online. Which was odd, it was like he never went offline. I'm sat by my computer right now in my bedroom, I asked Dean "don't you ever go offline? Lol" "no" he typed back "I'd rather spend my time with you :-)" "that's so nice" I said "so, I was thinking because we've known eachother for six months now I was wondering if you want to meet up?" I waited for a few seconds for him to reply, then he typed "I love that idea" he said "when do you want to meet up?" I smiled "when are you free?" I typed "is tomorrow ok?" he typed "yes" I said "what time?" "I'll make the time count" he typed.

Me and Dean chatted for hours, like we always do. I heard the phone ringing downstairs and Kris's loud voice, loud enough to wake the dead-answering the phone. "LISY?" he shouted up the stairs loudly, so loudly he made my whole room shake "THERE'S A GIRL ON THE PHONE WHO CLAIMES TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND, BUT I DON'T KNOW MEANS YOU SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON THE INTERNET I'M NOT SURE YOU HAVE ANY FRIENDS-MAYBE I SHOULD JUST HANG UP" "DON'T YOU DARE" I shouted running down the stairs and elbowing Kris out of the way "Ow" he said rubbing his side "you've got sharp elbows, thanks for elbowing me in the ribs-that hurt" "who's on the phone?" I said "Sammy" he said "who else is your friend? Anyway she says it's important whatever it is" and he walked away. I put the phone to my ear "Hello?" I said "Lisy" said Sammy "whatever you do now, just listen to me. I went on hiden world website yesterday night and had a look for Dean" "yes" I said "and did you find him? Because I'm going to meet him tomorrow" "Oh no, Lisy please don't" "and why not?" I said "there's something you need to know about Dean first, he doesn't exist-his profile doesn't exist and neither does he...I'm sorry Lisy" "you're making it up" I said "all of it, Dean does exist because I was talking to him not long before I was talking to you-so, don't tell me he doesn't exist because he does" "Oh come on Lisy" she said "I looked through all the website for him, but the site told me they have millions of Deans but not the one you know" "you're lying" I said "Oh come on Lisy" she said again "don't come on Lisy, me" I said "just stop lying" "and why would I lie about something this?" she said "I don't know" I said "because you have a habit of always lying, I suppose" "just listen to me, you fool" she said rasing her voice "Dean does not exist, if you don't believe me then check out his profile and see for yourself" "Oh, just go away" I snapped "and leave me alone" "fine" she snapped back "be like that" and we both slammed the phone down on eachother. 

I stormed to the stairs, but as I was about to go up there. Kris came out of the kitchen, bumped into me and wouldn't let me pass "move" I said but he just laughed "Aw, did you and your little friend have a little falling out" he said "get out of my way" I said pushing pass him. As I got to the top of the stairs, Kris was still laughing like a stupid fool at me. So, I shouted down the stairs at him "I HATE YOU!" and stormed into my bedroom.

I sat by my computer, the only person who could understand me now was Dean. But as I clicked on his profile, the site told me his profile didn't exist and neither did he when I typed his name in the find bar. I didn't understand and me and Dean never swapped numbers, we agreed there would be no point because we talked to eachother everyday online instead. My best friend was right, but I didn't believe her now if I told her she was right-she'll only say "I told you so" and get on my wick. My heart felt like it been ripped out of my chest and thrown against the wall, still beating and cold. I was torn between the love I still had for Dean and the hate I was feeling towards Kris and Sammy and also the hate I now had towards Dean for lying to me for the pass eight months in total and making me fall in love with him. This was Dean's profile, he always used to stick funny stickers on his page. But now when I looked at his profile, all of this was gone.




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