Torn between love and hate

When Lisy's best friend, Sammy tells her about a new webpage called hiden world! Lisy isn't sure at first but when she does sign up. She wastes months on the same website talking to the same guy. She hardly goes out and she is slowly losing her best friend, Sammy. But Lisy doesn't know that's exactly what Dean wants, he has no reason why. He's just doing it for the fun of it, but when Sammy finds out there is no profile or traces of him on the hiden world site. She tells Lisy straightaway but Lisy is already in love to listen or care. But the question is, who is Dean?


1. Chapter One

I never loved anybody in that way and nobody ever loved me back. I was just the girl that nobody took notice of. I was just me, the girl that always hides. I remember the day when my best friend told me about hiden world, a new website for people who had trouble fitting in. Anyone could join that site but my friend also knew how upset I was getting and told me to give it go. I wasn't sure at first but as I joined the site and was looking through all these member's profiles, I came across Dean. I sent him a message and my life was never the same again.

                                                               HIDEN WORLD WEBPAGE!

Hiden world was great once I got used to it and it was so easy to use. My name is Lisy, and my brother's name is Kris but the more I don't say about him-the better. My best friend, Sammy I've known nearly all my life. She was the one who got me into hiden world. I spent nearly everyday on that site. Like now, I'm sat by my computer in my bedroom-where I'm always am and suddenly my mobile phone rings. I answer it "Hello?" I said "Lisy, it's me Sammy-do you want to come to this party tonight?" "Hmm, I'm kind of busy" I said "doing what?" she asked "'re not on hiden world again, are you?" "so what if I am?" I said "Oh, Lisy I know hiden world can be fun and all that" she said "but the thing is, you've been glued to that computer for the pass three months" "and?" I snapped "and" she said "don't you think it's about time you left the house, just leave that hiden world behind and come to this party with me because I need a plus one" "just go away" I snapped "you don't understand" and I put the phone down.

What got me most, was that Sammy was kind of right. I do leave the house but not that much. I was too busy using up all my time talking to Dean on hiden world. We had so much in common, the same likes in music and whatever else. People say it doesn't take very long for you to fall in love and Dean was ticking all my boxes at the moment. I knew the dangers of the internet, but Dean wasn't like the rest of the boys on this site.

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