Torn between love and hate

When Lisy's best friend, Sammy tells her about a new webpage called hiden world! Lisy isn't sure at first but when she does sign up. She wastes months on the same website talking to the same guy. She hardly goes out and she is slowly losing her best friend, Sammy. But Lisy doesn't know that's exactly what Dean wants, he has no reason why. He's just doing it for the fun of it, but when Sammy finds out there is no profile or traces of him on the hiden world site. She tells Lisy straightaway but Lisy is already in love to listen or care. But the question is, who is Dean?


4. Chapter Four

I went downstairs and picked up the phone and put it to my ear, I dialed Sammy's number and waited a few seconds. "Hello?" came Sammy's voice "Sammy?" I said "it's me, Lisy can you please come over...I think you were right" there was a slight pause then Sammy said "I'm on my way" 

A hour later, Sammy knocked on the door and I answered it before Kris could. I took Sammy upstairs and into my bedroom. I showed her there was no traces of Dean on the hiden world internet webpage at all, then Sammy turned to me I knew what she was going to say to me and covered my ears with my hands-but I still heard her say "I told you so"

We couldn't report Dean to the Police, because he didn't exist. He lied to me for the pass eight months and I was stupid enough to believe that he really cared about me, I thought he even loved me. I was so stupid, very stupid. It just goes to show, love really is blind.

"Are you ok?" asked Sammy putting her hand on my shoulder as I sat by my computer, not talking. I couldn't hold it any longer, my eyes just filled up with tears and I bursted out crying. "I'm sorry" I sobbed to Sammy "I'm sorry I pushed you away" "it's ok" said Sammy, as I stood up and she hugged me "I forgive you!"

I deleted my profile on that hiden world webpage and never used that site again, Sammy told me that whoever was pretending to be Dean must have got bored with me and deleted his account either that or he's just a big tool and made me fall heads over heels in love with him and then he does this to me.

I hate Dean, whoever he was or not. I hate him so much. I never hated someone so much then I do with him. So, this is my warning please be careful online and don't trust anyone. Because believe me, I found that out the hard way-by making the BIGGEST mistake of my life!

I heard Kris laughing loudly downstairs again at something and smiled. Kris may be a pain, but I knew he would do anything for me. He's the best brother I could ever ask for and Sammy is just the best ever friend I could ask for too. I wouldn't change any of them for the world, I love them!




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