Even Barbie isn't perfect

Libby Waters is in a fourteen year old girl crisis! What happens when everyone you know is in love or into hunky boy bands and applying cherry lipgloss all the time? Libby's best friend has joined a new group of friends, who always make fun of Libby for not being "cool" enough. What can Libby do when everyone is turning into a Barbie?


1. 1

I knocked for the tenth time on the bathroom door.

"Bren! Hurry up! I've got ten minutes to do my hair and brush my teeth!"

Bren was my older, prettier and snobbier sister. Always tweaking her complexion.

"Stop banging on the flipping door you little cow!"

I sunk down onto the itchy cream carpet, which wasn't a wise move since Bren practically smashed the door open.

"Ow!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, she could have broken my spine!

"That's enough you two! I'm trying to get Angelle dressed okay? Goodness me!"

Mum shouted up the stairs for the second time this morning. Angelle was my five year old sister, with dinky red ringlets and bright green eyes.

Bren stomped past, her blonde hair flying all over the place, and slammed her bedroom door.

Jeez! How moody? I scuttled into the bathroom and did my teeth and hair. I honestly didn't give two figs about what I looked like every morning, I had dark brown curly hair, blue eyes and not a bad figure. I was fourteen and all I cared about was sports!

I ran down the stairs and fetched my backpack, it was so heavy! Bren and I reached the door at the same time.

"I hope you don't think your walking with me smelly!"

"Oh I wouldn't dream of it moody!"

I stuck my tongue out at her, she threatened,

"If you don't put that back in right now, I'll get the scissors and chop it off!"

I obediently did so, I wouldn't want to have no tongue really. Imagine the things you couldn't eat!

I latched the door open and walked off, leaving Bren behind.


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