Taryn was always different from the other girls. She always felt as if she was meant to be somewhere else. One day she falls asleep and is whisked away to a world of soundless music, golden skies, fireflies, and twinkling stars. She meets a mysterious boy named Seph in a series of these dreams, but after a while, Taryn starts to suspect (maybe hope) that this alternate universe is more than just a dream. Based on the song: Fireflies by Owl city


1. The Wish

I finish the last words of my book. I'm in the woods. I love it there. It's my place to just be myself. I stay in there until really late at night sometimes. My parents never worry. The woods are just so....... magical at night.

I lay my head against the tree. My parents were gone for the night, and I was locked out, You would think I would be scared, but I wasn't. I would just stay in the woods.

I'm sort of a night owl, I can never sleep. I just always feel as if I'm supposed to be awake. As if there's something I'm supposed to find, and it's just waiting for me. As if this isn't where I'm meant to be.  I was always different than all the other kids, but that didn't matter to me. The woods were here, and to me they just feel like a safe haven.

It was getting late. Of course, I can't sleep. I try counting sheep, but I get bored.

Suddenly I hear something buzzing in my ear. I turn around in fear, but I just see a firefly on my shoulder. That was enough for me to convince myself to go to sleep, and before drowsiness took over, I whispered to the firefly, "Please take me away from here"

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