Taryn was always different from the other girls. She always felt as if she was meant to be somewhere else. One day she falls asleep and is whisked away to a world of soundless music, golden skies, fireflies, and twinkling stars. She meets a mysterious boy named Seph in a series of these dreams, but after a while, Taryn starts to suspect (maybe hope) that this alternate universe is more than just a dream. Based on the song: Fireflies by Owl city


3. A Two-way Dream


"Come on." I said, "I have an idea." I go to one of the trees and start to climb. He humors me, and climbs up behind me. As soon as we are at the top, the fireflies come to surround it themselves. The entire tree is covered in fireflies! It's so beautiful. The boy looks scared. 

"How are we going to get down now?" he asks.  I think, then make up my mind. "We're going to jump." Without consulting him, I jump. As soon as I do, the scene that I was a part of morphs into something even more brilliant. I am falling to no end through something that resembles the sky, it is dark, but I am not afraid, because of the pinpoints of light that I fall through. Finally, I fall back into the clearing. The boy lands beside me. "What's your name firefly girl?" I smiled for the billionth time tonight. Firefly girl, I liked that. "Taryn." I say. He smiles and says. "You know, I didn't think characters in dreams had names." I laughed. "Do you have one?" He smiled. "Seph." And then I woke up. 

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