Sasuke's return to the hidden leaf

When Sasuke returns to the hidden leaf, to see Sakura, lots of things happen, for example, they confess their feelings for each other, as well as get into a tickle fight. This story has some adult content with sex talking. If you don't like adult content, please don't read this. I haven't updated the adult content yet. This is my very first fanfiction so please tell me what I can do to make it better, and please be nice.


3. the love that rebuilt in my heart

Recap: Sasuke sighed. "Ok," he said,"I'll tell you. The reason why I came back is because I think Sakura is more important than my clan."

Sakura's and Naruto's jaws dropped. Sasuke crossed his arms. "What?" He asked. No one answered. "What?" He said again beginning to get mad. Still no one answered. Sasuke began to grow impatient. "WHAT!?" Sasuke shouted, beginning to grow red in the face.

"FINE!" Sasuke snapped, "Don't tell me! See if I care!" At last, Naruto and Sakura said something to Sasuke.

"Sorry Sasuke," Naruto said, "We couldn't believe what we heard. Can you said that again?" "I said the reason why I came back is because I think Sakura is more important than my clan." Sakura blushed, and Naruto fainted.

"I knew it! I knew it! Sasuke-Kun does like me!" Sakura said as she ran up to him and gave him a hug. Sasuke blushed, as Sakura hugged him.

"If you like me, why'd you call me annoying?" Sakura asked confused. "And why'd you yell at me to not tickle you?" "Beca-" "Actually, don't tell me, you're not here for me!" "Yes I a-" "No you're not! You'd never yell at me if you were!" "I didn't yell at you, I yelled at Naruto." "No, you included me in it too. Why would you do that?" "Because we're not friends!" Sakura turned her back, starting to cry.

"Fine," she said quietly so only Sasuke could hear,"If that's what you want." She said and then ran off crying. 'What did I do' Sasuke thought. "We'll for starters, you told Sakura that you weren't her friend." Inner Sasuke said. "Smart ass." Sasuke said. "Hey, language." "Well, what can I do?" "You can tell her." "Tell her what?" "Tell her that it was an accident" "I can try, but I doubt that she'll wanna talk to me."

Sakura's POV:

I was running home crying. 'Why would he say that?' I asked myself. "Maybe he was just stressed out." Inner Sakura said. "Yeah, what about?" "You blaming him. He did get mad when you blamed him for yelling at you for the tickling thing." "I guess you're right. I'll talk to him when I see him."

Sasuke went up to Sakura's house and rang the door bell. "Go!" Inner Sakura yelled to Sakura. "Alright, alright, I'm going, I'm going." Sakura said as she went to the door.

"Um, Sakura, can we talk?" "Sure" Sakura said as she motioned Sasuke for Sasuke to come in.

"Sakura, I wanted to apologize for what happened earlier." Sasuke said. "Me too, I'm sorry that I took off." Sakura said. "The truth is, I was stressed about you blaming me for the tickling thing." "Told ya!" Inner Sakura yelled. "I know." Sakura said. "How'd you know?" Sasuke asked confused "Inner Sakura told me that might've been the reason why you said that. Then, when you did say that, she started bragging with her ugly booty about how she was right and I was wrong, and she still is." "Hey!" Inner Sakura yelled. Sasuke giggled.

"What's so funny?" Sakura asked confused. "I heard what Inner Sakura said." "How?" "Since we're so close, our inner selves can talk to each other and hear each other." "Oh. That's cool"Sakura said. After a few seconds of silence, Sakura was beginning to grow impatient. Sakura sighed loudly, to break the awkward silence.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked. "I'm starting to get bored." Sakura said. "Me too," Sasuke said, "What do you wanna do?" "Well, what's your favorite color?" "Why? That's for me to know and for you to never find out," Sakura then went into the kitchen, and got a pack of balloons from the cupboard, and went back into her room.

"Are you sure you don't want your favorite color?" Sakura taunted, showing Sasuke the bag of balloons. "Yes, I'm sure," Sasuke said, "And can we do something else?" "Why? Don't you wanna play with these balloons?" "No Sakura, I'm sorry, but I hate balloons. I'd rather be killed than to play with a stupid balloon." Sakura gasped, then sighed sadly.

"Sasuke," she said,"Can you keep a secret?" "Yeah...? Why?" "Do you promise you won't laugh at me?" "Sure." "I... Um..." "Come on Sakura, spit it out, I don't have all day." "Well, I have... A... Um.... A balloon fetish..." Sakura said blushing. "Hn," Sasuke said,"Why would I laugh at that?" "I thought that you would." "I don't have time to be laughing at things that I don't care about." "Ah-ha!" Sakura yelled madly. "What?" "I knew you didn't care about me!" "I never said-" "Well you didn't have to. What you said a few seconds or so ago made it pretty clear that you don't care, so just Sasuke!" "But I didn't-" "GO!" Sakura yelled, pushing Sasuke out the door, with angry tears coming down her face.

As soon as Sasuke was out, she slammed the door so hard that it cracked. "Why'd you do that?" Inner Sakura asked. "Didn't you hear our conversation?" "Yeah, I was yelling at you, telling you that he didn't mean what you thought he meant." "Well I didn't hear you!" "Obviously not." "What did you say?!" "So you're gonna get mad at your inner self for talking to you about your problem? You were the one who got mad at Sasuke for something that he never did!" "I know, I feel bad. What's the matter with me today?" "It's probably just Sasuke. He probably just came at the wrong time and scared you so much, that you didn't believe him." "You may be right," "I'm always right! You just don't think so, but it's true." "Oh yeah? Remember the time Sasuke was just messing with me and said that my forehead was cute and it made him wanna kiss it and you said,'This fairytale is for real?' And what about the time you said Naruto was cute? And what about-" "Ok," Inner Sakura yelled, "I get it! But don't blame me, blame you for for kicking out your crush and literally kicking out your crush. Why would you do that? I'm certain he has ass bruises on his ass now." "I dunno." "Well that was just mean and rude, considering the fact that Sasuke gave up restoring his clan to come and see you! If I was Sasuke, I wouldn't wanna see you now for what you did to him, and I'm pretty sure Inner Sasuke is thinking the same thing." "Well, I'm sorry-" "Why are you apologizing to me? It should be Sasuke that you're apologizing to." "Well I guess I'll apologize."

Meanwhile, with Sasuke... "I just don't get it." Sasuke said. "Don't get what?" Inner Sasuke asked. "I don't get why Sakura is so mad at me. It's like she thinks that I'm an evil clone of myself, trying to sabotage her or something." "Obviously she doesn't think that. She's probably just confused why you came back here since you called everyone annoying before you left." "What would that have to do with anything?" "I technically just said why." "I didn't say why, I said what!" "Why are you getting pissed off at me?" "Just forget it!"

Back with Sakura... "I'm gonna go to him and apologize." Sakura said. "I think you should wait until he comes to you." Inner Sakura said. "Why?" "Well, if you were Sasuke, would you want you coming to see him?" Sakura sighed.

"I guess you're right," Sakura sighed, "I hope he'll come and see me, even though I did that to him." "I wouldn't." Inner Sakura said. "What's that supposed to mean?!" Sakura snapped. "Wow, you and Sasuke are right for each other!" Inner Sakura said, starting to cry. "WHAT?!" Sakura yelled. "BECAUSE YOU BOTH ARE GETTING MAD AT YOUR INNNER SELVES FOR TRYING TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS!" Inner Sakura yelled. "WELL YOU'RE NO HELP!" Sakura yelled, getting pissed off more and more. Inner Sakura gasped.

"Fine," Inner Sakura said, "But don't expect help from me anymore." She said as she shunned herself out.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was having the same argument with his inner self, that Sakura was having with her inner self.

"Whatever." Sasuke said. "WHAT?!" "Hn" "Don't expect help from me anymore, because I'm out of here."

"What did I do?" Sakura and Sasuke said at the same time.

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