Sasuke's return to the hidden leaf

When Sasuke returns to the hidden leaf, to see Sakura, lots of things happen, for example, they confess their feelings for each other, as well as get into a tickle fight. This story has some adult content with sex talking. If you don't like adult content, please don't read this. I haven't updated the adult content yet. This is my very first fanfiction so please tell me what I can do to make it better, and please be nice.


1. naruto and Sakura's tickle fight

One day,Naruto and Sakura were in the hidden leaf village, training. Kakashi finally let them have a break. Naruto plopped himself beside Sakura.

"Sakura?" "Hmm?" "Wanna play truth or dare?" Then,Sakura began to remember a game of truth or dare sasuke when she was younger. The time she got tickled by Sasuke.

Flashback: Sasuke and Sakura were sitting after school. "Hey sakura, wanna play truth or dare?" "Sure," "Truth or dare?" "Dare" "I dare u to knock on Orochimaru's door and run" " Can we do something else?" "Nope,do it!" So Sakura went up to Orochimaru's door and ran. "Ok, I did it," said Sakura. "Truth or dare?" "Dare," "I dare u to tell Orochimaru that u knocked on his door," "So Sasuke went up to Orchimaru and said that he had knocked on his door. "You'll pay!" Orchimaru said and left. Sasuke was nervous, to see what Orchimaru meant by PAY, and he soon found out. Sasuke saw Sakura,lying on the ground, and holding her heart. Sasuke knew that Orchimaru had come around, and scared Sakura. "What. Was. That. For." She panted. " I dunno, truth or dare?" Said sasuke, to make her forget. "Truth," "Are you ticklish?" "Yes," sasuke then began tickling Sakura.

*Flashback ends*

"Sure Naruto," Sakura said, "You go first," "Ok," Naruto said, "Truth or dare" "Truth" "Are u ticklish?" Sakura didn't respond. She was too busy remembering the time sasuke tricked her into a tickle fight.

Flashback: "Hey Sakura,can I see your foot for a second?" Sasuke asked. Sakura was relaxing, until she heard that. She jerked up in less than a second after Sasuke said it. " Why would you wanna see my feet?" Sakura asked confused. Sasuke NEVER asked to see her feet. So why was he asking to now? "Because you have gorgeous feet, and incredibly soft skin. So can I?" Sakura sighed. She was too tired to even think straight. "I guess," she said with a sigh,as she put her feet in Sasuke's lap. After a few minutes, she fell asleep,but was awoken by her laughter. She looked at Sasuke, and saw that he had an evil and yet cute grin on his face. Sakura soon realized that she had gotten herself into a sticky situation. A sticky ticklish situation.

*Flashback ends*

"Sakura I don't know your middle name Haruno (I don't know Sakura's middle name,sorry) are we gonna play truth or dare or not?!" Naruto shouted,getting angry at Sakura. "Yeah,sorry,I was daydreaming about Sas-" she was cut off. "Truth or dare?" Naruto said quickly. He hated it whenever Sakura talked about Sasuke. Ever since Sasuke joined Squad 7, that's all she would talk about. She'd say things like,"Sasuke's really cute," and,"His hair is gorgeous," and, "I wanna kiss him,". Naruto was tired of it,because Naruto liked Sakura, but whenever he asked her out, she'd turn him down.

"Truth," Sakura said. "Are you ticklish?" "No" Sakura said scared. "Are you sure?" Naruto said,smirking evilly, and leaning closer and closer to Sakura. Sakura started backing away from Naruto,and Naruto started getting closer to Sakura.

"Naruto Uzimaki, don't u dare touch me!" Sakura said. Naruto ignored her and started tickling her.

"Narutohohohohohoh,plehehehease,stohohop ithit!" Sakura laughed.

"Wow,you two are more annoying then I remeber," said a voice that Sakura and Naruto soon recognized.

"Is," "That," they both then turned,to see a person with black, spiky hair, arms crossed,looking at the 2 of them.

"Sasuke?" They said.

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