Sasuke's return to the hidden leaf

When Sasuke returns to the hidden leaf, to see Sakura, lots of things happen, for example, they confess their feelings for each other, as well as get into a tickle fight. This story has some adult content with sex talking. If you don't like adult content, please don't read this. I haven't updated the adult content yet. This is my very first fanfiction so please tell me what I can do to make it better, and please be nice.


2. Is Sakura more important than my clan?

Recap: "Wow,you two are more annoying than I remember," said a voice that Sakura and Naruto soon recognized. "Is," "That," they both turned to see a person with spiky,black hair,with his arms crossed,looking at Naruto and Sakura. "Sasuke?" They said.

"Sasuke,is it really you?!" Sakura asked excitedly. "Yeah...?" Sasuke said. Sakura then ran up to Sasuke, and gave him a great big hug and a kiss from me to you(no,she really didn't do that. She did give him a big hug though. I got the kiss thing from Barney. Sorry,I know it's stupid).

Sasuke tried to push Sakura off him, but without hurting her. Eventually, he did, but she got right back on him. So,Sasuke had to take extreme measures, and do something un-Sasuke like. Sasuke reached down to Sakura's sides,and tickled her!

Unfortantly,for Sasuke,Sakura got payback on him,but Sasuke was extremely ticklish,so when Sakura poked him to see if he was ticklish,he squealed like a girl. It was so loud,that Naruto's ears were ringing, but Naruto was laughing at the sound sasuke made.

"Ooh,Sasuke is ticklish." Sakura taunted. "Wow Sasuke, even when we were training I had no idea. How ever,we're gonna have to punish you ," Naruto said. Sakura knew exactly what Naruto meant by "punish him".

"You're totally right Naruto," she said,"And we should punish him big time for leaving us to see Orchimaru." Sasuke was starting to have a fit. He was laughing hysterically, trying to get out of Naruto and Sakura's range, but was useless. Sasuke felt weak whenever he got tickled. His reflexes always got the best of him when it came to tickling. Someone could just tickle him until he passed out,and he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. That's what he hated.

"Narutohohohoho Sakurahahahahaha,plehehehease stohohop,I'm sorryhehehehehehahaha!" Sasuke laughed. This went on for about 5 minutes,but to Sasuke,it felt like years. Sasuke was laughing so hard that he was crying.

Finally, Naruto and Sakura stopped tickling Sasuke. "Hm." Sasuke pouted as he got up. "Aw,wassa matter? Is wittle Sasuke tickwish?" Sakura said, in baby form,to piss Sasuke off. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" Sasuke snapped. "What the hell was what for?" Naruto asked,confused. "Why did u and Sakura tickle me?" Sasuke said. "We tickled you because you haven't laughed or smiled. We wanted to make you smi-" "I'll smile when I feel like smiling! I'll laugh when I feel like laughing! DON'T EVER TICKLE ME AGAIN!" Sasuke yelled,getting angrier by the minute. "Maybe next time I should stay with Orchimaru! At least he won't tickle me!" Sasuke said. Sakura and Naruto exchanged looks.

"So why did you come back here then?" Sakura asked confused. "I came back because I wanted to ok?" Sasuke snapped. "Sasuke,you didn't come back because you wanted to," Sakura said,"It's extremely obvious,because when you left,and before you left,you called everyone annoying. When you were about to leave,you called me annoying too. You obviously came back here for a reason and I wanna know why,so spill it!"

Sasuke sighed. "Ok," he said,"I'll tell you. The reason I came back here is because I think Sakura is more important than my clan,"

To be continued...

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