When Alexa a normal girl living a normal life sees a video she falls over a boy bands spell. Not knowing why but thinks she's met one. Does she run into him again or not, find out!


1. What Just Happened?

Alexa's P.O.V

Okay so today I decided to do something a little different then what I usually do I got up, called my friend and asked if she wanted to hang out right now. Her name is Stephane I call her steph and she loves one direction. I don't hate them it's just I don't know hardly any thing about them. So when she got to my house I told her,"Hey steph maybe today since you're such a huge fan of one direction we could talk about them and watch a video or two? Because on the cover on a magazine I saw them and saw a cute one with green eyes and brown hair that wasn't too long." Steph replied to me,"OMG YOU LIKE LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!" Then screamed and I should rephrase that she shouted at me.

We looked through many and I mean MANY magazine! Who knew a girl could have so many magazines? We watched lots of music videos. Then read a bunch of books telling facts about them and lots of pictures of them. It seemed every picture Louis got cuter. It's like falling in love! Only one direction are too famous for me to fall in love with. Cause all it is, is seeing them for three months then they're gone making new music and videos, doing interviews then going on tour. It just wouldn't feel right.


Me and steph went to KFC for lunch we got a huge bucket of chicken. Once we sat down we saw a lot of flashing and screaming girls. Must be just some famous person. Wait no celebrity is just some famous person! They better not see me cause I eat KFC like a pig! Uh oh......

Louis' P.O.V

I walk into KFC man I am really hungry I ordered three buckets for me and the boys. We got the bucket then sat down across from these beautiful girls. Both of them were wearing our shirt. One of them had a picture of me on it and the other one of Niall. The one with my shirt on was looking the shirt and me really fast. I didn't want to be awkward so I started talking," Hello girls I see you two are fans!" The one with my shirt just now started playing it cool while the other girl was still freaking out. "Hello I am Alexa and my friend here steph and I are fans only you can tell she is a bit of a bigger one sooooo yeah." She is so beautiful. I am going to do some thing very brave. I wrote down my number and told her," Aye if you two want to hang out some time just text or call me. We have to leave but hopefully we can see you two again!" Then Niall quickly wrote down his number and handed it to steph. Man Alexa is so pretty I wish I could get to know her better. I had a special feeling about this one!

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